CCP has created a unique game with Eve.

The games longevity and slow but steady growth rate both give testimony to the success of the sandbox concept.

CCP have always been adamant that they try every way possible to keep their influence over the direction of Eve to an absolute minimum, allowing the players to generate the content.

Conversely, the last few expansions have seen the tiericide concept being slowly applied across the plethora of Eve ships and CCP have stated it will not stop until all Eve ships have the balance bat applied to them.

This has seen the players rushing to make the most of the suddenly much wider range of combat ships that are now practical after years of languishing in dusty hanger corners everywhere.

This massive ship re-balance though, has simply been aimed at making PVP both more varied and cheaper; full kudos to CCP for that.

So, even with such sweeping changes to ships, CCP is staying clear of trying to influence game direction. Instead, they’re simply improving things to suit the direction in which it’s already headed.

This hands off approach is, unfortunately, a two-edged sword.

Like a well armed but green soldier, this policy is a danger to enemy and friend alike.

Da Dom, in commenting on yesterday’s post, outlined why he would not consider taking his corp into null sec. I agree, it would be a very erroneous idea that would end badly for all concerned.

Without fealty to the powers that control null sec, any corp trying to make a home there would be eradicated very quickly.

CFC and HBC, like all the large entities before them, have proven that possession of space in null sec depends on two things; wealth and numbers.

Ironically, wealth and numbers are both largely gained through possession of space in null sec and that wealth is growing at an exponential rate.

As the wealth of these two entities reaches obscene proportions, their control of null sec has actually reached the point where the next wars we see will very likely be staged events, with strict rules ensuring there is no serious interruption to ISK flow.

Many are decrying this situation, saying PVP will be pointless as the risk involved is not real, especially if there is full reimbursement involved.

The scale of this problem just keeps on growing and CCP are now being hung by their own hands off policy.

Full credit deservedly goes to CFC and HBC, they have proven their systems work, that they have achieved a level of success in Eve that is unprecedented.

Where will this take the game, though?

Now we see Jimmy and the boys, obviously CFC property, in high sec causing mayhem that promises to get wider and larger as the days go on.

One can only wonder where Mittens is going with that particular idea, the man is not an idiot, unlike the sock puppet in charge of that weird little project.

Whatever the old Goon is up to in high sec, it will involve the making of ISK; the manipulation of prices, the eradication of possible competition or even the hijacking of the current direction towards a more player friendly environment.

It’s really impossible to say where this will see Eve going, I can’t read Mittens mind.

And I can’t find Jimmy’s.

It’s all in the mind, you know.


4 responses to “Ownership

  1. Great post, Blast.

    Aside considerations of blatant bullshitness, don’t you think it is quite cowardly from veteran, skillfull nullsec players to push on CCP to provide them with fresh noobish high-sec victims instead of taking the braver course of fighting off CFC and HBC hold on the Blue Donut?

    James 315 and his ilk, being the tools they are, are pining for a new breed of PvE players to come alleviate their boredom because they don’t have the guts to take on the big null-sec guys they know they can’t win against.

    Here’s an idea to shake their boredom:
    CCP should add a mechanics to the game where High-Sec players willingly donates their resources to mandate huge Concord raids in null-sec.
    These Concord raids would cost tons of billions of high-sec Isks to set up but would be nigh unstoppable and would roam null sec for a predefined amount of time; destroying all super-caps and sov structures in their way.

    That would keep null sec unbalanced, making it tougher for the big boys to assert control and provide ample opportunities for new challengers to take on weakened Alliances.
    The aim is to bring back true chaos to the null sec.

    What do you say?


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