I used to really enjoy fishing, drifting with the current, drifting with the piece of weightless bait skipping across the bottom, looking for all the world like just another bit of discarded bait.

I was hunting Lizards, otherwise known to non-Queenslanders as Dusky Flathead.

Just as the Wiki describes, they loved to bury themselves in the sandy shallows, just the eyes showing.

I must have caught dozens of them, using my flat bottomed fishing surf ski, which literally draws about 50mm, just perfect for getting onto the tidal flats with a running current.

They would suddenly hit the bait, and the second they felt that hook tip bite, and felt the braided steel trace when they tried to bite through the line, they would go berserk!

The best ones, though, were when I got a Lizard hit my bait while I was after Whiting.

The shock of the much heavier, much harder Lizard was enough to shake me out of my reverie, especially because while I run a heavy nylon trace for Whiting, it isn’t enough to stop a Lizard from snipping it off.

The odd time when I managed to land one was a memorable occasion and a great treat.

Right, what the hell has this got to do with anything, Blastie?

Well, my previous post was written with a few goals in mind; as always though, the main goal was a few laughs that could be had at the expense of someone silly enough to get themselves in the cross-hairs, so to speak.

However, today I got a rare treat, because one of Jimmy boys disciples hit me with a classic sperge of religious fervour.

Well, Mr Bing Bangboom (Really? Seriously? Bing Bang bloody Boom?? Give me a break!),

I won’t let your gospel languish in the dusty hollows of the comments section, oh no.

You sir, hit the bait with such a wallop I nearly fell out of my office chair. Ahh, the scream of the reel! Magical, I tell you!

Before we have some giggles at your expense though, I believe that if such a tome as The Compleat Idiot’s Guide to Politics existed, it would have as one of the first tips in the Propaganda 101 section something along the lines of “never ever EVER give a satirist material.”

To quote Rimmer of Red Dwarf, “that would be like flopping your wedding tackle into a lions mouth and flicking his love spuds with a wet towel.”

Without any further ado, let’s have a look at what Badda-boom-ping-pop-wotsit had to say:

James 315 doesn’t say you make more ISK in highsec than lo or null.

Whoa, wait! Stop right there young feller me laddo!

Okay, the old distort the oppositions platform by causing confusion thing is getting a bit long in the tooth there boy. Very good stuff in the days of someone like Ronald Raygun, but things have moved on a bit since the eighties.

For clarification, I never said he did say that, so that is what we refer to these days as a whopping great porky – naughty naughty …

He says that the current highsec security arrangement allows players to make enough ISK to reach their individual goals, mainly plexing their accounts, without taking much risk at all. And that they make up for the slower ISK per hour of Highsec mining in particular by afk and bot mining.

SOME might indeed make up for the slower ISK by botting or AFK mining and I give you and Jimmy free rein to go pop those botters wherever you find them. However, they are a minority my boy. As to the virtually no risk, I should bloody well hope so, considering the much lower reward ratio in high sec.

He also points out that the highsec miners in particular have an attitude that they are entitled to their afk, non tanking ways and have pushed CCP to make this more and more feasible as opposed to actually tanking their Exhumers and staying at the keyboard watching local and Dscan. He also makes the point that CCP has actually made changes in recent times, such as the Exhumer buffs, both EHP and ore hold, as well as the CRIMEWATCH II changes which ended can flipping that have encouraged afk mining to expand, which it has.

Yes, they have done all this, haven’t they? Any idea why? Hmmm? Even a bit of a clue? Come on, turn off the porn for a second and think, even you can do it if you really try.

To say the risk vs reward ratio in highsec is off does not mean that highsec reward is higher. Just that the risk there is small. Too small per James’ argument. That is why the highsec miners are in highsec. Its true that this is how they want to play the game. It is also true that that is no argument that letting them do so is good for Eve. Quite the contrary.

So, the High sec miners are in high sec, you say?!! The cunning devils! Excuse me for asking, but wouldn’t they be, you know, like, erm … well, Null sec miners if they were in null sec?

As to what is good for Eve, I should think those cunning High sec miners, you know, up there in high sec of all places, are far less of a threat to the well being of Eve than say …. oh, I don’t know … certain huge null sec coalitions botting, farming and RMT’ing the living shit out of null sec?

Now don’t you try to refute that one my lad, I live in null sec most of the time and I just left the Big Blue Donut, so don’t you even bother with trying to hurf blurf me on that one.

In any case, the New Order isn’t going away. The miners will continue to be bumped and ganked. Those who predicted the end of the New Order back last fall must be wondering how its now become a major issue in the upcoming CSM election to the point that many candidates have begun expressing their opinions about James 315 and the New Order (Ripard’s post this weekend). Every day sees multiple posts about it on the Eve-O forums.

True, true, very true, lots of publicity for Jimmy boy these days. They used to write a lot about Stalin in his day, too. That didn’t make him number one on the list of Really Nice People of history.

Think of any really nasty, bad bugger in history and they all got HEAPS of publicity.

The Knights of the New Order alliance now has 73 members. This doesn’t even count all the Agents and share holders. They destroyed over 1700 ships in February alone doing 180 billion ISK worth of damage. Yesterday they destroyed another Orca. No permit. There is no reason that this will stop or even diminish. Billions of ISK in donations continue to pour in to support the logistics.

Oh Lordy! I just LOVE that bit! Let me rewrite it for you so it runs truer:

“Ze glorious Knights of ze New Order now hass three huntret und zeventee dree memberz (always exaggerate my boy, always). Zis duzn’t eeffen cownt all ze agentz und share holderz! Zey destroyt over 17,000 (remember, exaggerate) ships in Vebrooerry alone doink 1.8 trillion ISK verth off damij!! (lots of exclamations too) Yezterday zey destroyt anuzzer 300 Orcaz!! Zey must haff ze permitzz!!Vee haff wayzz off makink yoo haff ze permitz!!!!!

(Now, for this next bit, pound the rostrum in time with the words and make sure to go red in the face towards the end.)

Zerr vill be no stoppink!! Zerr vill be no diminishink!! Trillionz off ISK in RMT money (err, sorry), donationzz continue to pour in to zupport our glorious logiztikz gruppen!!

(then you need to lift to a big finish, don’t leave it there, you haven’t wet yourself yet)

And the CSM election is coming.

Und, ze ZeeEssEmm iss comink!!

315 4 CSM 8

(just once? No no no, you must hammer it into the followers with repetition my boy, they have very tiny brains, trust me)

315 4 CSM8, 315 4 CSM8, 315 4 CSM8, 315 4 CSM8, 315 4 CSM8, 315 4 CSM8, 315 4 CSM8, 315 4 CSM8, 315 4 CSM8!!!!!!!!!!!!

Highsec is worth fighting for.

315 4 CSM8!! Sorry, got carried away there for a bit, hehe. This bit needs more OOMPH!

High sec izz verth fightink forrrrr!!!!!!!!!

Bing Bangboom
Agent of the New Order of Highsec
Belligerent Undesirable

Badda-boom-bum-biter, thank you so much for visiting, we had a ball with you!

I’ll just let you out the door with a Monty Python quote regarding your illustrious leader:

He’s NOT the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy, now GO AWAY!!!

It’s all in the mind, you know.


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