Absolute tripe, in fact.

One thing guaranteed to insert itself well up my left nostril is some idiot making grand statements which are said with a determination and gusto that would have done Mussolini proud, but which, when analyzed, are complete cow pats.

Not only that, but they somehow manage to garner for themselves a plethora of other idiots to agree with them.

Yes, you know who I’m talking about now, don’t you?

Indeed, the darling of the nose picking fifteen year old ganker-wanker set, James 315.

Now, this dear little boys argument goes something like this; currently there is too much reward for living in high sec and not enough reward for living in null sec, which is why he is forced against his will to fly around with a dozen of his best mates, blowing up miners in ice belts.


It must be made clear at this point that James and his cohorts keeping the price of certain commodities up and making sure Goons make plenty of ISKies is purely coincidental; otherwise, the irony of someone helping to keep a null sec coalition rich whilst claiming to be protecting high sec would be overwhelming.

Of course, if CFC and friends get even more filthy rich because high sec is nerfed further has absolutely nothing to do with James’ campaign, of course not, no no no.

(Honestly James old boy, absolutely no one can see the strings at all.)

Anyway, back to the poor boys pathetic little argument; the difference in rewards between high sec and null sec are too similar to encourage people to leave high sec.

James dear, could you please put me on to the person supplying whatever it is that you are on? It must be really good gear mate.

I have recently left the null sec corp I was in for nearly a year and moved back to high sec for a break, this has put my good self in a great position to see this argument for the complete A grade bullshit that it is.

When I was in null, I was making steady thirty million ISK ticks with my Machariel; a reliable ninety million ISK per hour from one character.

My salvage alt would clean up the mess behind me, pulling in between fifteen to twenty million ISK in salvage per site, the multitude of armor plates allowing my manufacturing alt to pull in good ISK in armor rigs.

Meantime my PI was, with very little effort, pulling in half a bill per month.

Anyone wants to call me out on those figures, I don’t really care, I saw it and earned it and if you can’t, you’re doing it wrong.

Our home area of Cloud Ring is also complete crap space, with only two systems worth upgrading and I did most of my ratting in the second best one, a -.37 system.

Small gang PVP was intermittently available, as neuts would regularly visit; so if the income stream was interrupted, it was always quickly swapped for some pew pew.

Now, the interesting part here, James my old banana, is that I was one of the WORST income earners in the bloody corp!

The guys running scan sites, for instance, were regularly getting deadspace mods and Vindicator BPC’s.

Don’t even get me started on our gas miners, that particular little earner was obscene.

In contrast to this, I’m running level four missions at the moment. I salvage them all and have an alt mining scanned belts at the same time.

Now, it’s nowhere near as easy to work out income per hour, missions vary from complete crap to absolute rubbish.

The very best mission would probably be Gone Beserk, salvage is about thirty million ISK and the bounties are 10.77 million ISK.

It takes me about fifteen minutes or so to run, plus another ten minutes to salvage.

However, that is one of the best missions and you only get it occasionally.

The other side of the coin is that many missions pay rubbish and rogue drones drop no loot at all.

Suffice it to say I earn WAY less than in null sec, WAY less.

So, why are there not hordes of players queuing up to get into the Big Blue Donut of ISK earning?

Brace yourself Jimmy boy, the simplicity of this answer will be enough to make you choke on your fifteenth cup of the grey dishwater that passes for coffee in that third world home of yours.

There are so many players resolutely staying in high sec because (you ready for this?);


Now, I know that over there your school system may have taught you that your way is the only way and everyone else is wrong; I fully understand that, it’s the American way.

The truth however, is a little more complicated than that.

There are, in fact MORE people who play Eve in a fashion that is not to your liking than those that like to piss in other peoples Weeties.

I like my holidays in high sec, many people like to play Eve that way all the time and guess what?

If you changed high sec so that they couldn’t play it their way, they wouldn’t join Mittens and friends for some lovely blue donuts; they would simply leave.

Unfortunately Jimmy boy, CCP wouldn’t like that and the reason is simple, those people pay the bills mate.

So when a sniveling little shit bag like you wanders around picking his nose, scoffing Twinkies and donuts and telling us where we’re all going wrong, pardon me if I get a little irate.

James, my little sweet pea; shut up, retract your head from Mittens’ arse, get a job, get a life and stop talking while the adults are trying to converse.

Oh, by the way, vote 1 for James 315 for CSM, I want to see the little turd trying to convince anybody at CCP that he has a valid point.

It’s all in the mind, you know.


8 responses to “Rubbish

    • Dear Captain Obvious, I am typing this slowly because I know you can’t read fast;
      this is an Australian blog. That should be obvious.
      It is written with an Australian sense of humour. That too should be obvious.
      Use of caps is for emphasis which aids the flow of the humour. Also obvious.
      What you delightfully call “cursing” we call slang, yep, obviously.
      What you call insults, we call having a go at someone, again – obvious.
      If you are, as I suspect, from the land of obesity, stubborn adherence to outdated measurement systems and bad cars, please try an American blog instead.
      If you are an Australian, please move to America.
      Thank you.


      • Lol +1 sir both this comment and the blog itself made me chuckle, and as for the idiot above with the “u mad bro?” That is old, it was old 2 years ago and now, it’s fucking gay, even the cool kids he’s clearly trying to emulate don’t use that tired old saying anymore, silly little boy.

        Great read and great blog


  1. “So, why are there not hordes of players queuing up to get into the Big Blue Donut of ISK earning?”

    A) I hate bubbles B) Running the gauntlet of PvP starved predators in Null is not that fun. C) “Not Blue. Shoot it”

    Conclusion: Jame 315 is half right. Null is far to risky for any reward. But that is not High-Sec’s fault…


    • Thank you for sharing your opinion Da Dom, an interesting point too.
      It does back up my point though, you don’t like the null sec style of play and should not be forced to either go there or quit the game, which I fear is what James and his ilk are striving towards.
      I’m not sure whether James actually IS arguing that null is too risky, just that it should be more rewarding; an agenda I feel may have more to do with his lord and masters wishes than any concern about game styles.
      As to the PVP starved predators in null, I honestly can’t say I saw that many where I was.
      Bubbles were just a matter of making tacticals off any regularly used gates at 300 or so.
      Again, though, why should you be forced to even go to those lengths if you prefer to stay in high sec?


  2. I’m an American, and i completely agree with you. I nearly woke up the wife giggling. I do have to call you out on your comment about American schools teaching us that we’re right and everyone else is wrong. That may be private schools, but I wouldn’t know. At least in public school, they teach you that everyone’s a winner and there are no losers…so what do you get? A bunch of touchy-feely wimps who sit at their PC with their twinkies in one hand and their other hands going back and fourth between the keyboard and their nose. So you were only half-right about that.

    I do give The New Order credit for their efforts and results. James315 would’ve had a lot more credit had he kept his mouth shut and not written that post on mittens dot com. I’m a high sec dweller myself, and enjoy it most the time. RL keeps me from doing a lot of the things I’d like to do, so I do what I can to keep playing and having fun. If there’s gonna be an ice interdiction or a new order then so be it. I like when things are shaken up. James…just don’t try to pull a rational reason outta your behind, makes you look like an idiot.

    Thank you, that is all.


    • Point taken mate, thanks.
      I must admit, I find the idea of teaching kids there are no losers is kind of alarming though, I wonder how all those who have lost so much in the world feel about that viewpoint?
      Yes, I agree that James shot himself right through the foot with that article.
      I do agree with him hitting the mining bots in the belts, the trouble with vigilantes though, is that they’re very hard to keep under control.
      People like James wouldn’t have a platform if CCP weren’t so happy to let them do their job for them, I feel.


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