I don’t often acknowledge nor single other bloggers out for attention if I disagree with their opinions, because I really don’t enjoy verbal conflict of any kind and never have.

I also don’t get pleasure from being more than a passive observer of the various ongoing sometimes passionate stoushes that commonly occur in the blogging community.

I shall make an exception, though, just this once.

I am a regular reader of Poetic Discourse and have been for quite a while.

It’s always entertaining and amusing, often very informative and I never miss a post.

Poetics vitriolic assertions produce great debates most times; however, just lately he (she?) seems to be gaining an edge of strident desperation to his (her?) voice.

The problem is this; CCP is undoubtedly making high sec safer through all the various additions they’ve made to the game of late. The life of all the various ganker/ninja/griefer people in Eve is getting harder and harder.

I personally have never had a problem with these individuals, any more than I have problems with idiot drivers on the road.

They can be dealt with quite simply in nearly all instances:

Consider that a rabid tailgater can really frustrate a driver, sitting so far up your arse you’re tempted to open the ashtray to provide them a little more room.

Many people get infuriated having someone sitting dangerously close to the end of their exhaust pipe.

Conversely, this same idiot can have his life made miserable by you slowing down anywhere where there is no option to overtake, subsequently you can laugh hilariously when they spend ten bucks in fuel angrily blasting past you when you decide they’ve suffered enough and finally let them by (don’t forget to blow them a sloppy kiss if they should give you a rude gesture as they roar past).

In rainy weather, extra fun can be had by making sure to drive though the biggest puddles you can find, confident of the rage you are generating as they try to avoid getting their car covered in buckets of muddy water. Naturally, they are too stupid to simply back off, which gives added hilarity to the situation.

In this way, by using your advantages (you ARE in front of them, after all), you can simply grief the griefer.

In Eve, ninja salvagers have caused any number of angry carebears to quit the game. Killing off someones ship they have been ratting for six months to build is often more than enough to get them to throw in the space towel (you should always know where yours is, btw).

Not me, though. For me, they have always provided endless entertainment to a bored mission runner by:

a) running desperately from wreck to wreck while you shoot each wreck in turn just before they get there,

b) soiling themselves when they realise you were pre-aligned and at speed when they arrived (because you saw them coming on D-scan) and now they are alone in a room with an entire horde of rather nasty looking red crosses because you shot all the triggers just before leaving,

c) eventually leave you alone because for the last four missions you’ve simply ignored their desperate attempts to get you to shoot them and they finally realise you have been egging them on with fake rage in local.

I’ve done all these, they were great fun and made my day brighter every time. I’ve never been bothered by these individuals, any more than I’ve been bothered by hi sec war deccers.

Whenever I’ve been in high sec and had a war dec I simply drop corp to NPC for the duration, making sure to give them the finger in Jita local as I sail by in a hauler full of goodies (yes, I DO save all my loot for these occasions and no, Jita is not my local trade hub, but I consider their frustration worth the extra jumps).

As you can see, I actually spend hours of my game time making life harder for these people.

So, I can assure Poetic and his ilk that I really care about all the new things CCP is doing to high sec, it’s robbing me of some fun and content too.

Here, though, is where I think Poetic misses the point.

Unfortunately, people like Poetic, who derive pleasure from depriving others of theirs; and people like me, who get hours of entertainment finding and exploiting the weaknesses of people like Poetic, ARE BOTH IN THE MINORITY!

CCP is a business, their priority is making money, an increasing amount of money every year.

They simply cannot continue to do that by pandering to minorities.

That’s you and I, Poetic old mate (luv).

So, by all means, get on the CSM if you can. Hammer CCP with your frustration and anguish at the passing of what used to be a great game.

Just do yourself one favour.

Please don’t expect them to actually give a shit about what you think, okay?

It’s all in the mind, you know.


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