Safe? (BB44)

“The local chat channel provides EVE players with an instant source of intel of who is in the system. With a quick glance you can tell who is in system and what your standings are to them. War targets, hated enemies, friends and corp mates all stand out clearly. Is this right? Should we have access to this intel for free with no work or effort? Should the Local chat channel even exist? Should normal space be more like wormhole space where the Local channel appears empty until someone speaks?”

Why the hell are we even discussing this?

When I play Eve, I do it because I enjoy it, the social interaction, the challenging mind games involved in PVP, the sheer scale of the whole game and … well … it’s spaceships!

So many things about our pixelly universe are unrealistic, the physics (spaceships are submarines?), the sounds (in space?), the list goes on.

So why are we even debating the realism of local?

As mentioned above, I play this game because I enjoy it. As far as I can see, pretty much everyone would enjoy it less without local.

Rixx Javixx doesn’t want to have to create a probing alt to find PVP, in fact he’s promised to quit if local goes. Really, why would anyone want to make finding PVP harder?!

I think the real problem is that the question of whether to keep local is outdated, pure and simple.

CCP has already smashed the high sec gankers from pillar to post and why?

Because they’re costing the game too many players.

So CCP is going to remove local to keep the same type of arse wipes happy in low and null?

I mean, come on, who wants local gone?

I’ll tell you, the only ones who would benefit are the cloaky fags and the dipsticks like them who want to piss in someone else’s Weeties.

The real PVP’ers actually like local, it makes finding a fight easier and they would be sorely inconvenienced if it was gone.

Not everyone has the time on their hands to scan for every fight and not everyone wants to D-scan constantly while running six other spreadsheets and buttons.

If anyone wants local gone the answer is easy, go live in a wormhole and stop whining you little faggot.

It’s all in the mind, you know.


5 responses to “Safe? (BB44)

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  2. I never considered the solution of advising people that don’t want local to go and live in WH space. Obvious solutions are only obvious after someone else points them out.


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