It seems everyone has a different way of fitting out a ship, for whatever purpose it may be for.
EFT and various other very commendable tools are extremely popular and for many, doing it any other way is doing it wrong.
Well, if that’s the case, I do it wrong.
I always have on hand all the standard modules I might need, from damage controls to guns and ammo of all types and sizes.
Then I sit there, sometimes for hours, happily fiddling away; quite content in my wrongness and inferiority.
Eventually, I’ll un-dock and go and hammer some rats with it and see what it’s like.
It’s clumsy, time-consuming and wasteful, but it’s just the way I like to do it.
Recently, I had cause to fit out a new ratting ship. This was caused by me needing to reconsider my situation re my ships on hand.
I had a good ratting setup in our home area, the same venerable old Machariel I’ve had for a couple of years now.
Then someone was flicking the market in Jita a few days ago and happened to mention the current price for a Mach.
“Sorry mate”, says I, “could you repeat that?”
No, I hadn’t misheard him.
I hastily logged in my trade alt in Jita to see for myself.
Wow, just … wow!
I then priced up the shield booster, … gulp!
Then the shield boost amp … holy ****!!
Not to mention the hardeners, gyro’s, rigs and … well, I decided to move it back to high sec and store it until the insanity calms down a bit.
A quick favour from a corp mate with a jump freighter and it’s now parked up for the time being.
Some corpies argued that it is a waste not to use it, but I like to avoid needless silly loss-mails and while I have always happily accepted the inherent risk of undocking that much bling, it makes more sense to use something a little less pricey for now.
Funny thing is, the fit I rat with always used to be considered a balanced fit that was practical without being silly.
That is no longer the case, I think it’s sad that prices are so high that newer players will simply not have access to the really good modules and ships for basic income earning.
Still, the question now remained; what was I going to rat in?
I recently sold a Sleipnir which I had enjoyed playing with and remembered it had quite decent DPS output and very impressive resists.
I checked the ships bonuses and my skills:
Command ships was at level 5.
All gun skills that had any impact on AC’s was at level 5.
Shield tanking skills pretty much 5’s across the board.
I found one on contract in Jita that was fitted with two T2 CCC rigs at a very good price.
I fitted it up with all T2 gear and flew it to the low sec staging system where, as luck would have it, a corp carrier was being prepped to jump to our home system.
Less than half an hour later I was sitting in the Sleipnir in my favourite ratting system – fiddling.
I started with a safe fit, as I always do, cap stable with both 10mn AB and medium shield booster running. Two racial hardeners (Serpentis, so 1 kinetic 1 thermal)
DC and damage mods in the lows.
About 850 DPS from guns and drones, if memory serves me correctly.
Nothing to write home about, but a good start.
One Forsaken hub down, no real problems but some areas for improvement identified.
It seems I use this ship in the same way Tengu’s are used; signature tank which works fine as long as you keep moving.
With one big difference, range.
About a 20km range before good DPS kicks in and about 10km to hit hard.
Rats all spawn at the same point in Forsaken hubs, so it’s simply a matter of orbiting around the one spot.
So, a bit of practice and I see the money start coming in.
I always play this self-imposed mini game when fitting up a ratting ship; I can only spend money on the ship as it earns it.
A few days down the track now, DPS is now at 1,022.6.
The shield booster is gone as better hardeners made it redundant. One of the rigs is now a damage one and there is both a web and a target painter in the mids.
I am terrible at self-control when it comes to spending money, consequently all the mods are deadspace or faction.
Having said that, while the fit is expensive, it is still a fraction of the value of the Machariel.
Also, with command ship resists, a web, target painter and a range of faction and T2 ammo in the hold I think any neut without a cyno who manages to get hold of me may get a nasty surprise.
Not that any neut has ever managed to get hold of me while ratting in over two years, but you never know.

It’s all in the mind, you know


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