It’s always the way, isn’t it?

Some innovator comes up with a new idea; let’s say a persistent computer generated universe where every action you make matters, a sandbox game to the fullest degree.

That idea becomes a monster, which takes its creators down roads that even they never envisioned; getting bigger, better, stronger and ever more popular.

Eve Online has its limitations, though. Many have mourned the lack of a true flight sim experience; while full computer control outside of decision-making is the most likely way that space travel will evolve, it just aint as much FUN.

There are carriers and even super-carriers in the New Eden space lanes, but you can’t fly your frigate off them. You can’t wander about inside them, or man the guns, or be one of the thousands of crew members; you can only imagine it.

You can’t design a space ship and then sell your designs for in-game currency to those who like it; ship design is for devs.

The ship mechanics and flight physics require us to imagine the plethora of thrusters that would be required to make a spaceship in a vacuum behave as though it were underwater.

The Eve universe is currently the only one out there, the idea is still unique to its owners – for now.

CCP has had this idea to itself for ten years, but the day was always coming when someone else would come along and want to stretch it further.

That day is here.

Most will already know all about this, it’s not something that’s being done in a corner.

I just wanted to ensure as many as possible are aware that the day is fast approaching when the joysticks and secondary controllers will need to be dusted off.

I can’t wait, it looks epic …

It’s all in the mind, you know.


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