So it seems the Vikings are finally getting the idea.

I have to say that Retribution certainly seems to address a vast amount of things that badly needed rectification work. I shall refrain from listing off all the changes or going into any deep analysis of the why’s, wherefore’s or WTF’s.

Instead, I would like to commend CCP for a very encouraging finish to 2012.

Why? Because they are starting to understand the difference between a game being complex and deep as opposed to a game being difficult to learn and play.

Rather than simplifying the game itself, removing things that have kept Eve Online unique and different from the plethora of other MMO’s out there; they are simplifying the LEARNING and ACCESSIBILITY processes instead.

So many little tweaks have been made in this latest expansion that it’s going to take some time to even discover them all.

However, they all seem to have one thing in common, they make things easier to understand.

I have written many times about my concern for the immense attrition rate Eve Online has among new players and I am not alone in that. The blogging community has continued to highlight the desperate need for an easier transition into the Eve universe for newer players.

It would seem CCP are getting the message.

Simple graphical touches to module icons which, once learned, highlight which damage type the module is effective against. No more trying to comprehend the convoluted names of each individual module and its variations before being able to tank your ship.

The safeties on weapon and combat modules which help the player to understand the mechanics behind the aggression and combat mechanics.

The game mechanics have not been interfered with overly much, Eve is still a mind bending and complex universe. There is still plenty of depth in the game play, the sand-box is still full of sand and there are still plenty of opportunities present for ebil piwates to do a little Darwinistic weeding.

Anyone who would argue that isn’t the case should consider this little incident we had yesterday:

A corp-mate was in a 0.7 highsec system, having a bit of a wander about to see what was up. Imagine his delighted surprise upon warping to the ice belt to see eighteen, yes, you heard me, eighteen Mackinaws sitting at zero on the warp in point. Sitting right next to them was an Obelisk freighter, taking full advantage of the new feature which now allows freighters to pick up cargo containers in space.

Yes folks, these guys sat at that belt, with my corp-mate watching, while they brimmed the Obelisk with ice blocks.

I ask you, is it not true that as soon as CCP introduces a feature, someone comes up with a way to do something incredibly stupid with it.

Sooner or later that group of ice miners is going to find out the hard way that not all suicide ganking is done for a profit. Disco is about to make a comeback, I think.

However, the accessibility of Eve for new players just got an immense buff.

Job well done CCP.

Congratulations and thank you.

It’s all in the mind, you know.


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