Credit where credit is due.

CCP have, in my humble opinion, nailed it.

I cannot express my admiration for this enough.

One thing that we all agree on, is that we don’t want CCP dumbing Eve down.

I must say, these new implementations don’t seem to me to do that. What they do is make clear to newer players that taking certain actions brings consequences they may regret.

Predictably, not everyone is happy. A quick flick through those comments and we see tears aplenty, rage-quits imminent and quite a bit of, well, tantrum throwing.

Sorry to griefers, can flippers and assorted pro arseholes everywhere, but the headmaster seems to have decided that bullies should be replaced with tuition; now, there’s a novel idea.

I have a suspicion there may be trees growing in Iceland, the sun is getting warmer and there may even be flowers; perhaps global warming has its upside after all.

I sincerely hope CCP can continue down this road without actual breakage of the complexity of our beloved game.

Perhaps all the ragers could start a WoT account and TK themselves into oblivion; we live in hope …

It’s all in the mind, you know.



One response to “Brilliant

  1. It always amuses me when a person out to ruin someone elses game cries no fair coz I can’t do it the way I want any more. Level playing field my arse…. we don’t reaaaaalllllly want that now do we…? (Sarcastic? Who? Me…????)


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