I hate them, every last shallow, misinformed and overly dramatic one of them.

Tabloids are the bane of intelligent discourse, shouting loudly whatever rubbish they have managed to stumble across in a tone of hysteria; insulting the intelligence of anyone who accidentally stumbles across their path.

Recently, here in sunny Queensland, we had a spell of storms. According to the Weather Bureau, conditions were such that we could expect several severe thunderstorms.

Queensland gets severe thunderstorms every year, this particular cell looked nasty, but we’ve had worse before.

My wife arrived home to inform me the radio station she listens to (FM classic rock commercial drivel) had warned of a “Superstorm” approaching Brisbane.

A what now?

I immediately checked the Weather Bureau website to see the information I referred to above, but no “Superstorm” was mentioned. Odd.

So, I hit the news sites, again no mention; except for one. had an article.

Now, this is not the most reputable of news sites, with sensationalism and utter rubbish journalism replete with typo’s aplenty.

According to this site, Brisbane was cringing in anticipation of an approaching Superstorm called “Shaz”. Dear God … a Bogan superstorm, whatever next?

Cricket ball sized hail and the possibility of tornadoes, gale force winds and, well, basically it’s time to panic and we’re all going to die.

My wife was concerned, my children were frightened (they’d been told about it by schoolmates) and I was sincerely PISSED OFF!!

We had the storms, over two days Brisbane indeed had some severe storms. Just like we have every year.

So, I’m a bit edgy about irresponsible journalism by those who should know better at the moment.

Then I read this


I have given the Mittani website credit in the past, but they’ll get none for allowing this particular piece to go through.

Let’s have a look at this in detail, shall we?

“… the leadership of a nullsec alliance will almost invariably laugh in the face of any offer of truce or ransom from a hisec-based aggressor, not because they aren’t doing grievous harm to the alliance’s logistical infrastructure but because in their hubris they really think it cannot possibly matter.”

That’s because it doesn’t. Sorry old mate, I know this for a fact.

I’m in a fairly small alliance, relatively speaking. We couldn’t give a slight little minute bugger about some idiot war deccing us. None at all.

Hell, it doesn’t even bother us as a corp, let alone as an alliance.

Our logistics is fully out of corp. Our corp is fully in null sec, with some small exceptions – including me at the moment. Those in high sec, at a moments notice, can grab a cloaky and zip on down to our null sec home. Those that do die in a high sec war have wandered outside corp directives and are by no means good pilots.

Back in late 2009 and early 2010 I made my first serious forays into hisec warfare looking for a respite from the pervasive idiocy of my alliance mates.

There’s a dead giveaway, this bloke is what is known in our corp as a “Leet PVP Wanker”.

In his mind, people in his alliance are idiots, mainly because they don’t do what he wants, when he wants.

Leet PVP Wankers are the kind of people who are socially dysfunctional at the very least. They’re also generally the kind of people who feel the need to put others down at every opportunity and fail at working in greater numbers than a few.

Hence the disparaging of large fleet warfare as “blobbing”. It’s a form of Eve game-play that is simply not to their liking. It betrays a significant lack of vision toward the big picture.

“At 2-6 million ISK a war [High sec warfare] was wondrously easy, and the fighting was excellent.”

That’s because high sec war deccers are “fighting” pilots who neither want to, nor know how to, PVP. It’s pretty much cheating, isn’t it?

Even if you’re not at the bottom of the barrel, sitting on the undock of Jita 4-4 waiting to gank idiots who don’t know better, you are fighting folks who don’t WANT to fight you.

Sorry, but in that case, you’re a bully and a coward, sir.

“…the scope of the arena is limited: there is no easy way to bring in dozens of unrelated friends to gank someone on either side of any given fight. There are no hot drops, no carrier reps, no Titan bridges, and an ever-present audience of uninvolved persons to occasionally interfere a bit and keep things interesting.”

Errrmmmm … oxymoron detected. Who says those “uninvolved persons” aren’t your mates?

“That is not to say that hisec PVP is some kind of perfect arena that is just right for everyone. The main problem most people have with fighting in hisec is the mechanics: the mechanics of combat are more complex than anywhere else in the game and dealing with aggression graphs and keeping tally of who can shoot whom quickly spirals out of the realm of the easy. It’s a difficult system to learn, even if you are only fighting in wars without getting involved in more fluid and transient activities like baiting.”

No indeed sir, that complicated arena is definitely not suitable to your victims, who don’t understand the mechanics properly, if at all; it does, however, suit people who have taken the time to study and understand the mechanics and can use them to manipulate situations to their advantage.

I guess that would be the author and his corpmates, wouldn’t it?

In your mind, this is “PVP”, to most people, it’s griefing.

“Many PVP opportunities in hisec are going away, and not all of them have direct replacements.”

Yes, indeed, the new icons mean your victims are going to understand the mechanics and be able to choose to avoid your “attentions” if they wish. Awwwwwww.

Sorry, but if you want to “teach” people to PVP, it just may be you will have to actually teach them, rather than getting cheap kills off folks who don’t know any better.

If you want actual PVP, you may have to spend the same amount of effort finding it that other, possibly more capable, PVP’ers do.

The fact is, Mr. Widdershins, CCP wants profits. To this end, they are indeed making it harder for high sec war deccers to carry on with their antics.

Because they care about the vast majority of their customers who want to play their own way quietly in high sec.

And they don’t give a shit about you, mate.

It’s all in the mind, you know.





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