Evehermit has made an excellent point in this post –

I think the blogging community (of which I am apparently counted as a member) should grab hold of this for greater discussion.

Let’s flesh it out; are we entitled to say what we like because our amateur status beholds us to no one? Should we be castigated if we get it obviously wrong? Or is such castigation undeserved because “it’s my blog and I’ll say what I want”?

For a certainty, we all write down our opinions based on our views, our experiences and based on our approach to the many and varied occupations found within Eve.

We are certain we are right, for the most part, or we are fishing for other people’s views with which we hope to expand on our own perspective.

It’s always a terrible experience as a blogger to log in to find a comment such as “you fail”, “you suck” or something like that posted in comments in response to us airing our opinion.

Or to be vilified as having an agenda.

Take my last post. I am a member of a corp which is a member of an alliance that is a member of the CFC – still with me? Oh good.

We are also dark blue to HBC, which leads to very amusing content in our local intel channel; both sides have access to it – I’m running out of popcorn on a daily basis.

So voicing my opinion that AAA leadership or a part thereof are failing to adjust to the ever-changing landscape of New Eden can be taken as a biased and possibly even deluded viewpoint.

Anyone who truly knows Blastie knows what I think of the CFC. Suffice it to say I don’t wear Mittani brand underwear.

Too many people jump on the “we’re right and you’re wrong” bandwagon; thus depriving themselves of valuable information that can facilitate beneficial change.

Here’s an extreme example:

Adolph Hitler and his gang (bronze medal winners in World War II – the sequel) were naughty to the extreme. Genocide carried out with ruthless efficiency based on beliefs that were well inside the “time for the men in white coats” boundaries.

Did that mean the allied forces could learn nothing from the Nazi regime, because old Adolph and his mates were all a sandwich short of a decent picnic?

They certainly learned a bit about engineering, when they found out it could take as many as eight Sherman tanks to kill one Tiger tank.

The Tiger itself was developed due to Stalin’s boys walloping them over the head with KV-1’s and T34’s, so even the man with the worlds silliest mustache was not above learning from others.

The allies were happy enough to look the other way over a bit of common slavery so old mate Werner Von Braun (amusingly referred to as “a German-American rocket scientist” in Wikipedia – guess he was only a Nazi until he proved useful) could develop their rocket technology for them.

So, I believe AAA could take a leaf or fifty out of Mitten’s book over their industry, organization and diplomacy, regardless of whether they love or hate CFC.

I can say all this with complete freedom because I am an amateur writer beholden to no one.

Back to the main point; should bloggers be criticized for airing views which may be erroneous, biased or downright bigoted?

Like Evehermit, I think roasting someone is nothing but counter-productive.

However, calling someone out and pointing out (intelligently) why we feel they are mistaken is very beneficial. Thus, if we find ourselves unable to countermand with reasonable arguments, we may find we are the ones who are in need of some adjustment to our thinking.

Certainly, there are going to be times when we hit loggerheads; this is the nature of human individuality.

Healthy debate, on the other hand, is something that can only benefit us all.

So I have to disagree with Evehermit when it comes to reticence to comment on a post we disagree with, post away I say! If the blogger doesn’t like it, he is free to argue his position.

Withholding our opinion in case we upset someone will only serve to retard the bloggers learning experience.

My opinion is, intelligent argument is healthy and should never be withheld.

It’s all in the mind, you know.


One response to “Integrity

  1. I wasn’t proposing that mistakes and inaccuracies should not be called out just because it is written by an amateur blogger. Intelligent and thoughtful feedback is indeed very worthwhile. I was more musing over the level of indignation that some of the corrections and objections are raised with. They can seem out of context.

    Thanks for running with the topic however.


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