I’m a bit of an Eve blog/news/views addict.

Every night I grab the phone and lay in bed reading up on whats happening around New Eden.

My wanderings take in the usual blogs and news sites. It’s always interesting. Other people’s opinions are very enlightening; I believe we grow as people most effectively when we are open to other views on things.

Of course everyone’s view is biased; it has to be, we all live in different parts of New Eden and we all play this game differently.

I firmly believe, though, that everyone needs to constantly adjust their viewpoint.

Eve Online is constantly changing; things that work today may not be effective next week, month or year.

Thus, as things change, groups of players come and go. Corps, alliances and even coalitions appear, burn fast and bright or slow and steady, and then eventually fade and or die.

So I read this –

Hmmmm …

I can’t help getting the feeling, even taking into account the possible (or even obvious) bias within that article, that perhaps the leadership of  AAA is failing to adjust to the changing landscape of New Eden.

Don’t just read the article, but take in the comments; especially the comments from the AAA side of the fence.

Taken at face value, AAA is an alliance of purist PVP’ers, they don’t want to hold space and they don’t want any nullbears sapping their “energy”.

That, in today’s New Eden, is a very big problem.

Alliances are no longer able to hold space without friends, on that point I agree wholeheartedly with the author.

However, I would take that one step further.

I would venture to suggest that alliances can no longer hold space without industrialists in their number to back them up.

Notice my use of the term “industrialists” there. I’m not talking straight out ratters or miners here. This is not about the all too common leeches that tend to infest most null sec regions.

Ratting has been neutered to the point where income from shooting red crosses simply won’t cut it when it comes to funding alliance coffers. It’s fine for individual combat pilots to replenish their wallets with; but it aint gonna pay the costs of running the kind of null sec alliance needed to hold sov these days.

All the changes CCP has made to ratting, mining, incursions and at last the FW faucet have meant that alliances can no longer just spend big gobs of ISK to get whatever they need.

They are far better off to MAKE what they need, in null sec, low sec or wherever its best done.

Goons, Test and many other alliances out there understand this all too well.

I have heard many of our combat guys being simply amazed at the efficiency of CFC back line support. They are also very smiley faced about the cost of things at the staging systems. Especially the repair costs; you can’t get much better than free.

Their diplomatic and management skills are very good as well. Any issues between alliances are sorted out fairly quickly. Allies are treated with respect and duly rewarded.

I’m not sure some sections of AAA get all this.

The whole hullabaloo over the RA guy price gouging drowned out the simple fact that the repair bills at that staging system station were only free for AAA, not their allies.

That is a monumental diplomatic gaffe that should have been obvious – to a proper diplomat.

The purist PVP’ers play Eve the way they should, because it’s what they’re best at. More power to them for it, the more pixels getting blowded up the better.

The simple thing they need to grasp is that an alliance cannot consist purely of PVP’ers.

Not these days.

It’s all in the mind, you know.


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