So, Mabrick said some things here – http://mabricksmumblings.blogspot.com.au/2012/11/keeping-eve-online-relevant-in-coming.html

I hate to say it, but I think he’s right. Not so much about what CCP should be looking at, but more the point in the previous post that started it.

Eve is declining.

Why? I really can’t say for sure. One thing I can say is that numbers in our corp are definitely down. The regulars are, for the most part, still around. Mostly playing other games, though. We are still on TS3, still logging on to do the “necessaries” in Eve, but no one is “Yahoo, let’s play Eve!”. Many are playing WoT, Tekkit or even SupCom for the most part.

This HAS to be down to something, I wish I knew what; maybe if the cause was at least identifiable CCP could be convinced to do something about it.

To be honest, my own thoughts are leaning toward a lack of new blood, I just don’t see it happening.

What CCP HAS done for the last year or so is please the old, established player base. Lots of little things that have needed doing for ages.

What I haven’t seen a lot of is new players flocking to play Eve. Since a lot of previously available data is now kept hidden from general view, it’s hard for the player base to help CCP in any meaningful way to clearly establish what IS going on.

Our corps recruitment is virtually stagnant, with a few new guys even posting in the welcome thread and then not turning up!

Null sec is unfortunately pretty much a napfest, with Test and Goons BFF it’s unlikely much will change on that front.

High sec is getting safer by the day, as more and more piratey types move to other games for easy pew pew.

Low sec is still the deserted wasteland it has been for years for the most part, with the hordes of ISKalts in faction warfare disappearing as fast as they came.

I think one thing’s definitely a problem right now, money. So many are trimming back their account numbers and with PLEX prices settling around 600 mill it’s likely to keep going that way.

The ones hardest hit are those who rat for income. Missions or CA’s (and that’s a LOT of players), both have been nerfed hard. Worst of all, in a reflection of real world realities, ratters are still earning the same amount as when PLEX’es were 380 mill. That’s the same time as when battlecruisers were half of what they cost now.

I’m afraid that the most likely problem facing Eve at the moment is that the very people who love Eve the most, are playing less, because they simply cannot afford to keep playing.

Now, some may argue that these folks should change the way they do things, as I am indeed doing myself, but this is a GAME. Why the hell should they?

It’s an inconvenient truth, but there are other games out there that offer better entertainment for the buck.

New player retention is going to get harder and harder for CCP too, and why?

Think back to your early days. How did you get your money back then? If you liked shooting things, you ran missions, true?

Now factor in the cost of Eve living now and ask yourself this: would I keep playing Eve if I started now?

How long would it take you to get your first cruiser? Your first battlecruiser? Your first battleship? It’s harder now than it used to be for a generation that likes things easier than they used to be.

Unless you’re deprived of sunlight, warmth and the ability to sit under a tree, you’re going to find yourself an easier way to pass your gaming time.

CCP need to pull their horned helmets out of their arses and consider their player base as a global community, rather than as a horde of Norse sadomasochists.

Because there are too many other alternatives out there now, with more (like Star Citizen) waiting in the wings.

If this lack of attention to the Eve player base is due to Dust, they need to remember that Dust will die a horribly expensive death if there’s no vibrant Eve community for it to be a part of.

Only time will tell, I guess; but I gotta go, WoT has x5 bonuses this weekend …

It’s all in the mind, you know.


One response to “Lethargy

  1. I’ve also read other bloggers say that this is the “slow season” in Eve. The end of summer/beginning of fall sees pilots getting ready for school or ski season. During the summer pilots are enjoying the sun and all the outdoors has to offer. The only year-round Eve-ers are those poor married with children types with no lives (yes, I’m referring to myself). I’d imagine PLEX prices, as you stated, are a factor, a major factor even. I rely on PLEX to fund my TWO accounts, and its getting really hard to keep them both active. I made a post a while back (it was more of a pitty party I threw for myself) just venting with frustration the price of PLEX. I personally do not think Eve is in decline. It will be interesting to see if the expansion on December 4th makes a difference.


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