I love the constant misuse of the term “Non-consensual PVP”.

It fascinates me how so many get the concept completely arse about face.

The popular theory goes something along the lines of, “As soon as you undock anywhere in New Eden, you are giving your consent to be PVP’ed.”

Bollocks. Pure, unadulterated bullshit. Sorry, but it aint so.

For a start, to be non-consensual means you don’t have the other players consent. It has to be against their will. The moment a mission runner fires on a ninja salvager, he is giving his consent to be PVP’ed. The second some idiot jumps a freighter into low sec, he is giving consent to be ganked. They may be stupid, but they are definitely NOT non-consensual participants. In a moment of madness and or stupidity, they gave their consent.

When I undock anywhere in New Eden, I am acknowledging that other players have the freedom to TRY and PVP me. Conversely, they have to admit that whenever they TRY to PVP me, I don’t just have the right to fight back, oh no, no, no.

Much against their little hearts fondest wishes, I have the right to PREVENT and/or AVOID them PVP’ing me.

Which sends them crying to CCP about “broken” game mechanics:


“There, there dear, never mind. Did the big nasty care-bear have local prominently displayed with neuts and reds set to flash, did he? So when you jumped into local he just POS’ed up and went and played WoT for an hour? Oh, that’s awful, just awful, CCP should get rid of local, shouldn’t they?”

“And when you cloaky camped his system he just left through the jump bridge and ratted in another system and you couldn’t find him, oh dear, that’s terrible darling, here, have another tissue; they should get rid of jump bridges too.”

“And then he went and flew straight through your gate camp in his covert ops frigate while his cloaky hauler full of lovely goodies sat at a tactical and laughed at you while playing LoL and waiting for you to be sent to bed for the night, you poor, poor little darling. Would you like a nice bowl of soup dear?”

“So you took your internet friends with you and roamed his systems and they just blue-balled you while they played Minecraft on their server so your time was completely wasted, you sad little panda you.”

“Then, when you war-decced their high sec operation, you found out that their alliance was in a coalition and you couldn’t undock for a week, oh darling, never mind; here, have a biscuit and let me wipe your face.”

“So you found a mission runner in a level four to take it out on and he shot all the wrecks before you could get to them? Did he warp out after shooting all the triggers too? He DID! Oh, so you lost your frigate as well…”


All of the above options in that little piss-take are valid game tactics. There is absolutely NOTHING any hostile player can do about it; except find people who aren’t that smart and/or experienced.

Those who are experienced in Eve only PVP if they want to. FACT. Unless they make a mistake, or do something stupid, or are very drunk or stoned and most experienced players never un-dock while in such a condition.

The industrial wing that I am in is replete with older players with long game experience. A couple of them occasionally lose a ship, generally to alcohol induced stupidity.

That ship is easily replaced from their bulging wallets, after they’ve been laughed at and have sobered up. They don’t rat for income, that’s for the newer combat pilots until they wise up. These guys run the odd CA or DED plex for giggles, nothing more.

Moon mining, Manufacturing, PI, import/export, invention, trading and even scamming (with a neutral alt, of course) can all be done from the safety of a cloaked ship, POS or station. Think CCP designed those things that way by mistake? Hehehe, err, no. Even if you were to succeed in shutting down the null sec side, they have high sec operations, too. Alt corps with low sec POS operations as well.

If the big coalitions like CFC and HBC were completely torn down or destroyed, you really think all the industrial guys would leave the game? Pffftt, BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

They just jump on the next gravy train mate. Before these guys there was the Russians, the NC, BoB and IT. There’s always SOMEWHERE for high skilled, long serving players to go.

You cannot kill them or ruin their game, you just CAN’T.

They want to play Eve as a social PVE game and there’s NOTHING you can do to stop them, I’m afraid.

All of the above facts are what the non-consensual PVP fanboi’s are constantly moaning on about with rabid cries of “Eve is broken! Null sec is broken! Low sec is broken!”

They are, to a degree, yes. Not in the way that would give gankers easier kills though. Not in the way that would allow griefers to annoy smarter players.

CCP is a business. Their focus is profit, it has to be. Long term players in both high sec and protected null sec are the bread and butter of Eve. Most pay by yearly subscription, the rest by PLEX.

There are a LOT of these people in Eve. You think for one tiny minded little minute CCP is going to annoy these people so you can gank them, grief them or even cause them a little inconvenience?? LOL!!

I am sure the “leet” PVP’ers would like to think that they are free to shoot whoever they want as they roam the space lanes. I’m sure they’d just LOVE to get experienced players to whine and moan about their exploits.

Truth of the matter is somewhat at a remove from that. These guys can go and camp or roam null sec alliance space if they want. They can sit in a system or jump for forty jumps without seeing a soul if they like.

You really think there’s no one using those systems, just because they’re not there when you arrive, or because there’s no NPC kills? Congratulations! You know shit-all about null sec. But if by some chance they do find a kill, it’ll be an idiot who doesn’t watch local or intel. The smart ones are logged off before you arrive, numbskull. They log back on the second you piss off and go back to their passive income earning, that doesn’t involve killing NPC’s.

The ones who whine and moan about being ganked are the new, the dumb and the terribly immature. All those lovely tears that you crow about are of pretty piss-poor quality, I’m afraid.

The fact is, if you want to inflict non-consensual PVP on others, you have to find them first. You only kill the stupid ones. Oh, I know, I know, you want to kill the smart ones, really you do.

So, why can’t you? Because the smart players don’t give you their consent to do it.

It’s all in the mind, you know.





2 responses to “Consent

  1. You really made me smile. A nice post raising a good point and implying an important other one: EVE simply is not a game of only shooting eachother. That is one playstyle bracket which in itself has many different sub-playstyles. The great thing about EVE is that it offers different possibilities for different playstyles, and if someone wants to mine, extract, invent, reverse engineer and build until the end of days, good for them (and the game) that they can.

    There is – however – a mindset that people should just step up to the chopping block and let themselves be killed. That is not non-consensual PVP, that is not PVP at all because in that case the other side of the ”versus” is simply doing nothing but playing the willing victim.


    • “There is – however – a mindset that people should just step up to the chopping block and let themselves be killed. That is not non-consensual PVP, that is not PVP at all because in that case the other side of the ”versus” is simply doing nothing but playing the willing victim.”
      Couldn’t agree more, while I think there is a whole plethora of skilled and talented PVP’ers out there, the subset you speak of unfortunately tend to be the more vocal minority. These also are suffering under the delusion players of other styles are their lesser. I don’t believe real PVP’ers suffer under that delusion.


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