Two in one day!! They say bad things come in three’s, but I’m not writing a third, so “they” can go fly a kite.

It’s always interesting to check things out for yourself, I find. Sure, the forums, the blogs or your own corp-mates can usually TELL you; but there’s nothing like making doubly, even trebly sure something is true.

I’ve just nudged Miura Bull of http://brutorbullfighter.blogspot.com.au/2012/10/the-dream-of-ridiculous-man.html (always an entertaining read, if you read this rubbish, why aren’t you reading his much more entertaining and regular posts?) about something that he said regarding passive alignment.

It just so happens, due to my impending launch of an induction program for new recruits to our corp, that I have wasted a bit of my own and a couple of corp-mates time checking into the realities of passive alignment.

Now, many at this time will be saying, “Blastie, you numpty, the forums have got plenty of info on that topic, why the hell waste time pissing around with what you already know?”

Well, I’ll tell you.

Because, dear reader, when I put up a draft of the induction program on the corp forums inviting comments, one corp-mate pulled me up over the fact I had included passive alignment considerations in my instructions on how to carry out the cloaky MWD trick (look it up if you don’t know it and don’t be so bloody lazy).

He linked a dev-blog which de-bunked the myth. So, that’s that, right? Well, wrong, actually.

Because another corp-mate posted angrily back that corp-mate 1 was talking with his seating area instead of his dinner grinder and was wrong, passive alignment meant you warped earlier. “So what?” You ask, “second guy’s an idiot, move on.”

Well, there’s the rub, see? The second corp-mate is a long serving member with a kill record that is as impressive as mine isn’t – that’s very impressive, by the way. Besides, I wanted to believe he was right, so I didn’t feel so bad about the fact that I had wasted two years or more aligning to POS before parking to do a CA.

So, I donned the white coat, sorted my clipboard and straightened my pocket organizer before gathering a couple of unsuspecting industrialists with their nice, big, very slow to align ships and setting forth to prove the already proven again so that it could be proven more proved than it was proved ever before.

Interestingly, both these industrialists were interested in the experiment, as THEY BOTH (pilots with years of experience) didn’t know what the result would be either!

So, I humbly put before you the results, they are as follows:

TEST 1 – Using a single Hulk, I warped to one of the **** POS’s and then warped to the other at ten and allowed the Hulk to come to a complete stop, facing directly away from the other POS. I then clicked warp to the other POS at ten and hit the stopwatch at the same time.
Result 1 – 21.6 seconds – Yeah, that’s a loooong time with Mr. Bull flashing all red at you and moving in all snuggly like, mining offense ticket book at the ready.

TEST 2 – Using the same pilot in the same Hulk, Same test, but this time aligning back toward the other POS and coming to a complete stop, ergo, facing directly towards the other POS. I then clicked warp to the other POS at ten and hit the stopwatch at the same time.
Result 2 – 21.7 seconds – I would say the extra .1 of a second was human error when hitting warp and stopwatch together.

TEST 3 – Volunteer 1, using four Hulks, all fitted with the same mods and rigs and with all four pilots having exactly the same skills (he’s a bit OCD); parked them with one facing each point of the compass. He then squad warped them. I witnessed all four warp at exactly the same time.

OK, for the sake of the Ministry of Love chaps, what about Capitals??

TEST 4 – Volunteer 2, using 2 Rorquals with shield tank mods the only difference and both with 3 cargo expanders, but with Character A better than Character B for navigation; Character A aligned and Character B facing the wrong way Character A warped first, by a matter of 4 seconds.

Test 5 – Same pilots in the same Rorquals, but with Character B aligned and Character A facing the wrong way, Character A warped first, by a matter of 4 seconds.

So, pretty damned conclusive, wouldn’t you say?

So, Mr. Bull and nefarious Goonie types, if your chosen vict … err, student is facing directly towards a celestial, you can be confident you have exactly the same amount of time to gan … err, enforce the law on them as you would have if they were facing towards no place in particular.

In the course of my experiments, I also discovered for the benefit of griefe … err, law enforcement officers throughout New Eden’s low and null sec areas that; if you are ever lucky enough to find a Rorqual, you actually have enough time to eat dinner, enjoy a movie and have a quick nap before dropping the fleet to gan … err, grie … err, enforce the law on them, they take WEEKS to get into warp.

Incidentally Volunteer 2 is off to high sec to purchase an Evasive Maneuvers skill-book for Character B (for Bloody hurry it up, will you??), hehehe.

It’s all in the mind, you know.


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