Yes, I said life had turned a corner. Yes, I said I would post more often. No, I haven’t.

In itself, this proves I am slack and useless. From this we can extrapolate the conclusion I am lazy. Slack, useless and incredibly lazy, ergo – Australian.

Many politicians have tried to steer the Australian image away from this stereotype. The fact that we are fairly slack, pretty useless and incredibly lazy has hindered their efforts in this regard somewhat.

The amount of effort they have put into dispelling this image has also made their claims to be true Australians fairly suspect to most of the population; but, luckily for them, nobody could be arsed doing much about it – so they still have jobs as politicians.

This brings me to the heart of this post.

My corp is an Aussie corp. We have quite a few Kiwi’s and a smattering of Canadians who keep odd hours as well as a couple of American’s who we suspect must be vampires or musicians, we haven’t worked out which yet.

The majority of us, though, are Aussies.

Thus, we are fairly adept in the aforementioned arts of being fairly slack, pretty useless and incredibly lazy. Which causes the odd problem.

I have been given the job of POS fueller, which means that I have the roles granted which give me the privilege of receiving DED POS fuel notifications.

Due to the fact that all of the private POS owners are Aussies, my mailbox doth blink bountifully and my cup runneth over with bloody DED mails! The flood of which cannot be stemmed by my own efforts, as I cannot access the private fuel stocks, or access the POS’es themselves to top up the fuel which would stop the notifications.

I have concluded the only reasonable solution is to train all my chars to fly Dreadnoughts and blow the offending POS’es up.

I foresee some political fallout from this, of course. Chances are the POS owners will be quite upset at having their POS’es blown up.

I will quite possibly have my roles revoked.

Which means I won’t receive the DED notifications any more.

Problem solved!

And that, my friends, is how Australians do things.

That’s a fairly short post, isn’t it?

Did I mention we’re lazy?

It’s all in the mind, you know.


2 responses to “Personalities

  1. I reject your presumption that all Aussies are lazy, slack, and what else was it you said? Huh.. can’t be bothered to lift my eyes upwards to re-check the post. Anyway, I will be right into sport this weekend. I’ll be watching the entire Bathurst 1000 race coverage on my TV. Lazy.. Pfft. Mmm.. fingers tired.


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