Well, as far as I’m concerned it’s an innovation. I’ve never seen it before and only one person in corp could put a name to it. He called it a “Forlorn Hub Bomb”.

So I was happily ratting away, minding my own business when a neut jumps in. No issue, warp to POS, go make a sammich and a cuppa, come back, he’s long gone. However, according to intel, he did hang around a bit. Hmmm …

Consequently I trotted off to a new CA, and when that was done, went back to the unfinished one and completed it whilst aligned and ready to bugger off sharpish if he re-appeared in local.

All done, I carried on regardless for about two hours and then took a quick break.

When I came back, there was a corpmate in system, so I told him that I would switch to Forlorn Hubs so he could have the two Forsakens to himself. I often do this, mainly because the combat pilots need to grind some ISK quick before heading back to the front lines, but also because I have taken to making rigs and there’s more salvage in a Forlorn.

Anyways, I warp my main and my alt into the Forlorn hub. Right into the middle of a sea of red crosses.

I joke not, a bloody SEA of red crosses.

Right.  On.  The.  Warp.  In.

In amongst that sea, two frigates. Insert appropriate expletives here.

First instinct (dead wrong) was to squad warp the two guys out.

I hadn’t noticed, until then, that the rats had all completely ignored the first ship to arrive (Machariel agility FTW) and had ALL locked the Navy Domi of my alt.

I tried to stop the Mach from warping, but to no avail (curse that Machariel agility). Thus I lost the remote armor rep and 5 light drones which would’ve saved the Domi.

Speaking of the Domi, it was now pointed by BOTH frigates. Now, this hardly EVER happens; except Murphy had a hand in the coding of Eve, that’s for sure and certain.

By this time the Domi’s shields were gone and I accidentally turned the armor repper OFF instead of overheating it.

I had just finished locking the two frigates and engaging the first with a flight of light drones when the Domi popped.


Now, let’s just take a minute to appreciate what this dude had (probably) done.

First off, he knew his Forlorn hubs. As I went back with my corpmate and killed the rats to get to my wreck, I was able to establish that the only rats he killed were the trigger ships (a certain BC in the first spawn, cruiser in the second, a certain BS in the third) plus two of the frigates from the third spawn (probably to avoid being pointed himself before he triggered the last spawn).

He had also managed to drag them across to the warp in, which is a good 40km or so from the rat spawn point.

I’m fairly certain this was how it was done, it was not long before DT, so I don’t think it was a glitched one from before the last DT.

Anyways, if it WAS a deliberate set up, I can only tip my hat to the guy that did it.

Well played sir, well played.

As an aside, time for a little reflection. Would I want to play Eve without the risk of something like this being done? Not on your life!

This kind of abstract possibility is what makes this game what it is. It’s why I love null sec, there is no such thing as completely safe. Probably safe, maybe. But there’s always that possibility of being completely shocked by the sudden appearance of something unpredictable.

It was the shock that lost me my ship, in hindsight the situation was completely manageable; however the time to save the ship had passed by before I could think properly.

Eve is a cold, hard bitch that loves to lull you into a semi dream state before pouring a bucket of ice water over your head, just to laugh at your reaction.

Long may that be the case.

It’s all in the mind, you know.



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