In the interests of paying for plexes and replacement ships lost due to bad planning, we must all come up with some way to earn the necessary iskies to fund our habit.

Many have commented that aside from mining, ratting has to be the second dullest occupation in Eve. Certainly, compared to Eve’s incomparable PVP experience, pretty much anything else you can do in this game is as interesting as rock breeding.

I think when people say this about mining and ratting, though, it must be that they don’t do these things “full on”, as it were.

I know that the miners in our indy division are fully occupied when they’re mining. As a side note, they also easily earn as much as our best ratters too.

OK, so I’m not talking one or two accounts here. Most have at least five accounts, one boosting and collecting Rorqual and four Hulks. Skills are maxed out and it must be a clickfest. They also don’t lose ships, because to do so would negate the bank and as players with years of experience behind them, they’re not that stupid.

Ratting is the same. I remember when I joined this corp, I simply couldn’t believe how incredibly terrible most of the combat pilots were at ratting (Some of the older players were doing great, but they weren’t telling anyone). Conversely, when I told them how much I earned per tick, most were solid un-believers.

How things have changed. With the expansion of the corp and the opening of the indy division, more competent ratters joined and the realisation dawned among even the more stalwart Flat Earthers.

The evolution of most our combat pilots into well funded combat pilots was no easy path, though.

First thing to overcome was the reluctance to accept the relative inferiority of carriers, Drakes, Tengu’s and such compared to faction battleships. Mainly because the only way to get said faction battleships to pay the right money was to spend the right money. But eventually angle grinders were taken to their wallets and, after the moths had dispersed, they came up with the funds to buy the necessary bits and bobs which make for satisfactory wallet flashes. What I told them one day is now a corp mantra – “You get paid to KILL rats, not TANK them.” Most are now very ready to agree – DPS tank best tank – because wrecks don’t shoot back.

Bear in mind when I talk about spending the right money, I’m not talking officer mods and bling, let’s leave that to the people who buy plexes with real cash to buy ISK. I’m talking about getting the best bang for your buck, bearing in mind spending unnecessary ISK on mods that really dont give much better performance is kinda backwards to raising the ISK to PVP. It’s a case of starting with a secure tank, then slowly sacrificing tank for DPS until you hit the balance of enough tank for the CA whilst every other slot is DPS. As the ISK starts rolling in, add better mods which free up a slot and/or increase DPS and work on skills to better both tank and gank.

So, next came the losses. Some got ganked for the usual reasons:

“I was AFK taking a leak when the neuts jumped in” … “I warped to station as soon as they got here and flew straight into a bubble” … “Dude, I WAS watching intel, but they were in the system next door, not HERE .. so I thought I’d keep ratting for a bit” … “I had the market window covering local” … “that guy’s been in system for days, I thought he was AFK.”

Although, the following are my favourites:

“HELP HELP!! I’m being PVP’ed!!”

“We’re already in PVP ships mate, x in Standing Fleet and we’ll save you.”

“Ummm … I’m not in Standing Fleet.”

Or this one – often typed in local:

Random Retard > Help! I’m tackled by neuts!!

Me > why aren’t you in fleet or on comms?

Random Retard > I hadn’t got around to it yet

CEO > hurry up and die then

So the fact that the ship being ratted in is now worth a week of ratting in it to replace, has sunk in no faster than the realization that if you lose said ship you won’t have it to rat up the money to replace it and therefore will be broke for weeks.

Needless to say the corp is (mostly) through the reverse Darwinism process and everyone gets in the Standing Fleet, watches Local like a hawk and gets on comms and in fleet before un-docking.

Getting back to the boredom bit. Having taken all the previous into account; if you find ratting boring, try getting your ticks up. If you’re REALLY ratting and don’t spend too much time getting the ISK you need, there is no way it’s boring. It’s a process that rewards focused and intense work with quick wallet replenishment.

This in turn gets you back to what really matters – shooting people in the face!

It’s all in the mind, you know.


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