It’s oft been said that Eve imitates life. There are many reasons for this as we know; but the social nature of Eve has to be the overriding factor.

Having said this, I have to say there is one area where Eve differs greatly; at least from my (admittedly limited) experience.

Corps that are run as a democracy rarely, if ever, thrive and succeed; in sov held null sec, at least. I certainly have never seen this and would be interested to hear if anyone has.

This is quite a contrast to life in the real world. Democracy may be a royal pain in the arse, but as a way of government by humans it seems to be flavour of the millennium.

While it is true that certain large communist run areas of the world have remarkable ability to get things done by way of manufacturing and industry, they tend to be a bit on the back foot when it comes to piddling little inconveniences that others consider somewhat important.

Such as? Ohhh, you know; human rights, freedom of speech, extinction of entire species and the ruination of the entire global environment.

‘Course, it’s nothing that can’t be fixed by being run over with a tank or two, or by popping off the odd ICBM, if need be.

In New Eden, however, there are no such problems. Planetary environment? We live in space mate, remember? Human rights? Why don’t you go complain to that big tattooed Minmatar over there, yes, the one with the arms like sperm whales and a blaster pistol in each hand.

It’s always amusing to me to hear younger corpmates asserting their “rights” and complaining about the way things are acted on by corp leadership.

As used to democratic government as they are, they don’t seem to understand that corp leadership couldn’t give a flying noob ship what they think about a certain corp rule.

I have been in two different primarily Aussie run corps. I have heard the exact same expression used in both corps to put dissenters in their place: “if you don’t like it, **** off.” – you can insert your favourite four letter word there, most of them give the same message.

Younger players seem to have tremendous trouble getting to grips with the fact that, if they are accepted as a member of a null sec corp, they do not get, or have, rights. They have the right to leave if they don’t like it. That’s it.

There is a reverse of the medal, though; I have witnessed this before, too.

Leadership cannot force corp members to stay. They cannot force members to log on. They cannot, in fact, actually physically force members to DO anything. Well, not without dealing with some rather unpleasant law enforcement people, at least.

Members and ex members of the military who are in corp leadership sometimes struggle with this concept. People who are in positions of responsibility in the public sector have much less trouble. Whilst an army private cannot tell a Sergeant to stick his orders where they are going to be difficult to read, an employee can tell an employer to rectumize his job any time he likes.

So it is that solid, structured and effective corps are great to be a part of; BUT the stronger and more successful that corp is, the less likely the leadership are to be interested in the opinions of the rank and file.

Whereas a corp that will be more anxious to please its junior members is probably like that because they are desperate for numbers.

These same corps tend to be the ones whose fleet participation is dismal, whose members seem to think ratting with a neut in local is a GOOD idea that could NEVER end badly. The corp that thinks local is THE place to put intel and that the intel channel is THE place to put inane chatter. They also think the standing fleet is for lesser beings and that local, being where you put intel, is best left minimised so as not to distract them from the video they’re watching; this is placed on top of the overview. Well, where else would you put it?

Still, it gives the neuts somebody to shoot. It also gives us something to giggle at when the killboard updates.

I’m not so sure I’d be happy living in a country where the odd massacre or two is somehow missed by the entire countries media. Or where the air is so polluted that the latest fashion trend is in gas masks. However, in New Eden at least, I’ll happily take the dictatorship any day.

It’s all in the mind, you know.



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