Here (BB39)

“Some say a man’s home is his castle. For others it is wherever they lay their hat. The concept is just as nebulous in the New Eden sandbox. 
In EVE Online, what does the concept of “home” mean to you?”
It’s definitely not a place. My inclinations are pretty gypsy caravan when it comes to a place to stay.
The same is true of my corp. We have a very strong logistics backbone and I get the impression they tend to get bored easily.
Since I joined what was then the starter corp (now folded into the corp proper), we’ve lived in Low Sec in one area and two different areas of Null sec.
So no, it’s not a place.
It’s not an alliance, they’re more like neighbours; alright for casual interaction but annoyingly different to us and liable to get up our noses on a frequent basis.
They don’t like us too much, either, and for the same reasons.
For me, my home in the Eve universe is most definitively my corp. That a corp should feel like home is very important to me. I have left a couple of corps because after a couple of months I didn’t feel at home.
My current corp is fairly large, with over 400 members (probably 350 alts) and the TS3 channel regularly holding 30 plus members. Because of the size, it’s taken quite a while to feel like home; it does now, though.
It’s very Australian; rowdy, boisterous, ridicule and laughter filled. Which is probably why we don’t get on all that well with the neighbours, the English and Europeans are OK but the Americans quickly get offended by our lack of Oprah Winfrey type “sensitivity”.
The Kiwis and Aussies have a healthy banter going, fush and chup jokes being exchanged with references to thong wearing knuckle scrapers with amazingly low IQ’s. These are not the only cultural differences being exploited by any means.
For instance, we have one member of Vietnamese descendancy who is the butt of endless jokes usually involving leaky boats, noodles and references to Christmas Island. His replies in a very overdone Asian accent telling us we’re all “Lound eyed plicks” has everyone rolling on the floor in hysterics – him included.
We have a member from Chile, recently arrived to Australia whose mangling of the English language is breathtaking in it’s scope and a constant source of amusement.
Some examples: the largest of the sub-cap spaceships is now officially known corp wide as a “Butter chip”.
The Drake apparently fires ammunition called “Heevy Muscles”. These muscles are somehow fired from “loungers”, so our corp officially has surprisingly well armed furniture.
Both of these people are valued members of our corp and we would lose ships to defend them, but as Aussies that doesn’t stop us taking the piss out of them if given the oppurtunity. They lose no time in returning the favour, so it’s a level playing field and no one (in corp) is complaining. Anyone outside corp complaining cannot be heard due to selective hearing issues, which seems to be a corp wide problem.
Now, this corp could move from null sec to low sec, wormhole space or even (shudder) high sec and I would still be at home, as far as I’m concerned.
Eve Online is a social game, in another BB39 I read how bittervets may not log on any more, but still get on TS3 to hang out with the gang. Same happens with us; I can think of at least two guys who do this.
Is the making of a physical home a feature that would be welcomed in Eve? I think so, the amount of corpies on our Minecraft server making grandiose abodes for themselves is evidence of that.
Could CCP make that happen without impeding the development of important internet spaceship flying? That’s a little harder to imagine; but whether that happens or not, I think my corp would still be my home in Eve Online.
It’s all in the mind, you know.

3 responses to “Here (BB39)

  1. I genuinely laughed out loud at this post and even read out some of the mispronunciations in the appropriate voice. It just goes to show that for all the foot-stamping political correctness that is just as bad as hate-filled bigotry, there is a place for consensual casual racism in the world. You can get away with murder as long as it’s funny [please don’t put this to the test – I know you Aussies are all descended from criminals, but there are limits. 😉 ]


    • LOL, I am currently summarizing BB 39 (jezuz did I ask for it!) and read this for the first time all the way through… And I must take umbrage with you my good man… on on our TS server, a mix of Brits and Americans (of whom I am one) the level of trolling and lewd comments has reached truly epic proportions on occasion… =]

      I know not the dainty American pansies you have played with, in the past, but I know the bunch i fly with can take as well as they can dish out!

      I was tending bar in Nags Head NC wayyy back in my early 20’s (1980ish)… and we had 4 Aussies come though on ‘walkabout’… 4 weeks traveling in America, New York to Florida… I spent a weekend with em and man I have never had such a good time… nor drank so much!! LOL


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