Why would I want to spend years playing Eve, endlessly training up skills and grinding up ISK so that I can sit in a big thing?

What is the use of this big thing? Well, I could wait for the day I press the wrong button and don’t have a big thing any more, I guess … but that seems kind of pointless, really.

Apparently you can rat in a big thing and earn big ISK, but if I’ve already GOT a big thing, why do I want big ISK?

So I can get another big thing, you say? Then I would need another toon to sit in that big thing, ‘cos I’m already sitting in a big thing with my other toon. I guess I can buy another toon with the big ISK I’m making with my first big thing then I’ll have the toon to put in my second big thing. Then with two big things I can make twice as much big ISK as I was with one big thing …

This is going nowhere, is’nt it?

In reality, you need to be the kind of person who likes having bigger things than everyone else. That’s not me. Definitely not me.

However, there is still a reason for big things to be out there. Big things can kill lots of little things … for now. So if you are on the field of battle and a big thing turns up, you will lose your little thing fairly quickly.

People with big things don’t like losing big things. People with little things don’t mind losing them, at least not too much.

But the people with big things are making damn sure they will never lose their big things to people with small things, no matter how many people with small things there may be on grid with them.

There was someone who is in charge of a lot of people with little things who until recently was succeeding in getting things changed so that big things could be killed with lots of little things (something he has at his disposal) until he made a whoopsy in public and the people in charge of all things said this was a big thing while others said it was a small thing. However the people in charge of all things said, no, it was definitely a big thing and that was that.

Now that the someone in charge of lots of people with small things is no longer in a position to get things changed so small things can kill big things, the people with big things are happy to see that small things can still be killed by big things and small things still can’t kill big things.

For now.

However, things can change …


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