The old saw goes, “Art imitates life”. I’d like to point out that Eve Online does a fairly good job of imitating life too.

The sandbox environment tends to bring with it all vestiges of meatspace, as players adjust things according to their wishes; unknowingly blurring the boundaries between pixels and reality. Unfortunately, not all the baggage that crosses the threshold is necessarily of any benefit to the game populace.

So it is that we are standing at the threshold of election time in Eve. Yes, even after thousands of years in outer space, politicians somehow conspired to survive. We may have weapons of all kinds at our disposal, but somehow the pesky things have tenaciously hung on and even managed to convince a percentage of us to take them seriously.

Now, though, politics in New Eden just got even more real. How? Let me explain.

In the real world there are a surprising number of people who think that it still matters who you vote for. They take politics seriously; yes, you heard me right. They actually believe that it makes a difference which one of the two or three groups of puppets they elect to the illusion of power; subsequently spending inordinate amounts of time debating and mulling over which puppet will make life slightly more of a mirage of comfort and prosperity for them.

Not everyone is of that mind. In fact in England (for the American readers, that’s the big aircraft carrier you have moored off the coast of France … what? Oh, France is in Europe … what? Oh, pretty big place to the left and up a bit from Iraq), there has existed since 1983 a dedicated political party which stands in the elections there called The Official Monster Raving Loony Party, founded and led for many years by a gentleman by the name of Screaming Lord Sutch.

The idea of this party is not to get elected, oh no. The idea is to lampoon the living hell out of the running candidates and underline the inherent idiocy of beauracratic democracy. Their official political position is “sitting, facing forward.” As was stated by one of their co-founders, “it’s the ones who don’t vote you really want, because they’re the ones who think” (emphasis mine). Incredibly, they have garnered some rather impressive results at times, along the way bringing entertainment and giving much pleasure to those who take a more cynical view of the party preferred electoral process.

So, as we face the coming storm of concerned, committed, caring, electioneering bullshittery by the candidates of New Eden, it was with great pleasure that I read last night of the stated intention to run of our own Screaming Lord Sutch.

Yes, MINTROLIO is standing as a candidate! Read all about it here –

Doubtless with the caps lock button superglued down and spellcheck resolutely turned off, he will festoon the campaign with MUHC GOOD POASTIGN!

 He has already shown good political savvy by emphasising his desire to improve secs for everyone, even those who want a better life with zero secs. Nice to see he thinks of the married gamers too.

I can only say a great big thank you to our favourite semi literate goat farmer for bringing some insanity to what is otherwise a dry, dull and spectacularly boring political process. I hope all the other candidates take serious note of this development. There is the very real possibility of a goat in the seat next to you on the flight to the land of treelessness.


Because it is my experience that, quite unlike the real world, New Eden has a considerable population of “the ones who think” (emphasis mine).

It’s all in the mind, you know.


4 responses to “Sutch

  1. “Many forms of Government have been tried and will be tried in this world of sin and woe. No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.” This American knows who said that too, as well as where he said it. 😉 But I agree, the entrance of our own Screaming Lord Satch into the election is welcomed!

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    • Deftly fielded sir and quoting Winnie is masterful, I must say. (had to google it, too; hadn’t heard that one before). I believe I may detect the presence of one of the “ones who think”, perhaps?


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