Where to begin?

I’ve been so busy in game and in meatspace, I have had bugger all time to write. Bit of compensation is in order then, no?

I finally decided to pull Blastie out of my old corp, which is now being put into hiatus while most of the guys are off playing LOTRO and SWTOR, neither of which appeal to me in any way. Matter of fact, outside of Eve, I have yet to try any other game that comes close to engaging my mind in the way Eve does. When my mind needs a holiday and I want some mindless laughs with a few of my mates, I jump onto our Minecraft server, but I don’t last too long.

So, imagine my surprise when I found myself feeling bored with Eve. The question was: what now? Where do I go and what of all my effort and time with my skill queues?

It started with the death of my corp, no two ways about it. We’ve been together as a gang for nearly two years, through two different corps, in null sec and in high sec. We had a ton of fun, an absolute ball. Drove everyone we met mad with our lunacy and complete lack of seriousness, great times.

It didn’t take a genius, though, to see that the party was over. We stagnated, and as we did, we drifted apart. Most of the others left game completely, or now just log in to swap skills up. Couple went to null sec to scratch the greedy bitch itch, couple went to another care bear corp.

I didn’t.

I searched, long and hard. First, within myself; looking for that elusive problem that was dragging me down. It took a lot of fiddling around, but I found it. Something I’ve heard about so many times, but dismissed as not my thing. That thing was –

Pew. Well, that’s only half of it really. Pew pew. That’s what I needed and I didn’t realise it for so long!

It came to me that, outside of some null bear chase the baddies away they shouldn’t be here stopping us from mining and ratting our way to a new shiny ship Home Defense Fleets, I’ve never really done any PVP. I checked my combat log, not too bad, quite a few ships there; oh, hang on a sec … ah, that’s my losses. Now, let’s quickly move away from that pricey list of stupidity, there! Kills. So my grand total of ships I had managed to get a few shots into before the fleet obliterated it was … five.

Five? In two years of playing this amazing and incredibly complex spaceship combat game I had managed to participate in the destruction of five bloody ships??!!!

As the fat greasy mechanic once said as he held aloft a dead spark plug while he wiped the oil and snot from his face with a tatty hand written invoice with an amazing number of digits in the total column: “There’s ya problem!”

I needed to liven my game time up, by delving into the complex and data riddled world of PVP.

There was an issue though. Pretty big one, too. I didn’t know how to do it. At all. Not a flaming clue. I knew I had to learn, but how?

One of the big training corps? Well, sounded to me like there was a fair bit of politics there, and my confirmed opinion of politicians is that they would make splendid ballast for the sinking and burning ship full of lawyers I’m always dreaming about.

It took a lot of time, but I finally managed to join up with an Aussie PVP training corp that inhabits a particularly busy area of low sec. Permanently war decced and constantly blowing up or being blowed up, this corp is great for me and I have never had so much fun actually playing the game of Eve Online.

Of course it’s all a bit stiff and formal, as you would expect of any new corp, ‘specially after the crowd of lunatics I usually run with. There’s probably a fair bit of suspicion coming my way, seeing as how there’s such a great disparity between my time in game and skillset, compared to my knowledge of basic game mechanics. But time will tell on that one, I’m sure they’ll realise in the end that the only thing I want to gain from them is knowledge.

So far I’ve been on a freighter kill (first kill in corp and quite rare, I’m told), a Tengu kill, a couple of battlecruisers and one battleship that robbed us of the killmail by jumping through the gate and getting killed by the gate guns on the other side – git.

One thing that has stood out to me straight away, though, is that training all those ship and gun skills to five has paid off in spades now. I Flew a Tornado for the first time the other day, and I worked out why it’s shaped backwards in the middle. That’s where the guns are, and when you push the fire button the middle bit is going to end up at the back of the ship anyway, so they made it like that to avoid it breaking in two when you opened fire. Plus the ship should realistically fly backwards about 100 km every salvo. Just gotta love that tier three battlecruiser philosophy – thumbs up CCP!

We had our first actual class last night. I gotta tell ya, after two years in game, I was amazed at what I didn’t know. Funniest moment was when we were sitting just outside a corp POS and a WT jumped in. “Break, break, red in system!” I yells, hoping to impress with my little bit of null sec experience.

“Ooh”, says the instructor, “I do hope he warps to us, so I can watch the POS tear him apart and the twelve of us can whore onto the killmail.”

I’m such a damn noob.

We got another class tomorrow night, tactics in gang combat, hopefully they will go over how not to shoot your mates while you rep your enemies.

Plus I have yet to lose my first Hurricane, I brought three down with me, all fitted up. Gotta happen soon. Prolly when I jump into a gate camp, that’s where I always lose my ‘Canes.

Hope you got those BPC’s researched!

It’s all in the mind, you know.


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