No, I didn’t lose a ship, it’s worse than that. (sadistic sods)

I am a reader of many good blogs and a few great ones. I’m hoping to develop enough ability to have a good blog myself one day. This, however, is not about me.

There are many types of blogs out there, pirate blogs, ninja blogs, low sec blogs, high sec blogs, null sec blogs, industrial blogs, wormhole blogs, the list is endless. There are standouts in every genre of Eve blog, for one reason or another.

However, there is for me only a handful of blogs which I get excited about when I see a fresh post in my reader. Excited enough to put down my hot milo and sit up a bit straighter to savour every word.

One of those was always Mord .

Anyone who ever enjoyed the insightful null sec political summaries, the rapier wit and the now legendary “Fever Dream”, should wander over to Fiddlers Edge and say thank you and goodbye.

He’s pulled the pin on us before, so I live in hope of his triumphant return, maybe a comeback tour and a greatest hits album?

Whatever happens, it’s a loss to the blogosphere that will be hard to ignore.

It’s all in the mind, you know.


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