BB32 Safe?

This month’s Blog Banter comes from Drackarn of Sand, Cider and Spaceships. He has foolishly chosen to poke the hornet’s nest that is the non-consensual PvP debate. Whilst you read his question, I’ll be finding a safe place to hide.

“A quick view of the Eve Online forums can always find someone complaining about being suicide ganked, whining about some scam they fell for or other such tears. With the Goons’ Ice Interdiction claiming a vast amount of mining ships, there were calls for an “opt out of PvP” option. 

Should this happen? Should people be able to opt-out of PvP in Eve Online. Should CONCORD prevent crime rather than just handing out justice after the event? Or do the hi-sec population already have too much protection from the scum and villainy that inhabits the game?”

Brace yourselves, I am about to say something that will stun you rigid.

I am a two year carebear. I’ve carebeared in high sec a lot, I’ve carebeared in null sec quite a bit too. I’ve done some PVP in null and now, as a member of a PVP training corp I’m learning to PVP in low sec (shudder). I will still carebear when I need to grind ISKies, and the last thing I would want is for someone to gank my mission boat and put me behind the financial eight ball.

 I hate high sec war decs, they’re a pain in the arse, as are ninja’s, can flippers and the wanker that won’t shut up in local about “needing some help to finish his mission” – stupid git (Actually, that’s not fair, he’s not a stupid git, he’s looking for a stupid git).

So, do I think there should be an “opt out of PVP” option in Eve Online?


PVP-free Eve is an oxymoron that is right up there with Military Intelligence, American ingenuity or Australian culture.

I like the fact that Eve is not really safe anywhere. I liked it when I’d been playing Eve for a week and I love it now.

I don’t want to undock my level four boat safe in the knowledge that unless I screw up really badly (always possible), I will be docking up again in that same ship guaranteed.

If there absolutely has to be a PVP free zone somewhere in New Eden, please, please, please, just make it four small areas based around the training systems. I guarantee you would never see me there and it probably would improve the 14 day fail period a bit.

When you walk out of your front door to go for a quick walk (that should get some hard core gamers shaking) to the local shop (just open your curtains and look, that’s called “outdoors” and it has these places called shops), are you absolutely guaranteed safe? Is it not possible that some loser in a hoodie is going to want your money (in a fairly non-consensual way) at some point?

We have heard it said before that “Eve is real”, by some nordic people who have a thing about trees, or the lack thereof. Well, it wouldn’t be very real at all if our carebear butts were teflon coated, now would it?

So what would it be like if New Eden suddenly became all peaceful and luvvy duvvy in high sec, just like it definitely isn’t in other parts of our pixelly universe?

Freighter pilot? No problem sir! Just push that little button (it would probably be bloody tiny knowing CCP) there and all the nasty people in their tier 3 BC’s won’t be able to hurt you. Now push that equally tiny little button marked “A” and off you go to watch some porn and we’ll see that your fifty billion ISK cargo arrives all safe and sound in the station before you can even wipe the soap off.

All of a sudden the gates would be jammed with Russian freighter bots trying to get into Jita and the fifty million ISK price tag for the cargo has been deflated to ten by the time it gets there.

Let’s not forget mission runners, bless their little officer fittings. Overnight the rats would be decimated by a thousand botGolems and their botNoctis buddies, with systems lagged to buggery by the sheer number of tractor beams going off.

Aaannndd the MINING!!! Oh the mining that would happen! Mex would be under 1 ISK and Trit would be bloody FREE!!

NO! No no no no no no no, nope, never, ever, uh uh, negatory nada just bloody FORGET IT!

All the things that stand Eve alone as unique in the gaming world would crumble around us. In would flood the ten year olds all picking their noses and yelling “NOOB!” every five seconds as they rat and mine their way to where they think the boss level might be.

Please put this subject back where you found it Drackarn, and don’t start giving the Vikings any ideas.

It’s all in the mind, you know.


6 responses to “BB32 Safe?

  1. I have come to realise that the main prerequisite to be an EVE player is a masochistic streak. This post is proof. EVE “carebears” are MMO flagellants. BTW, I think Drackarn trolled us.


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