Actually, the lack thereof, more’s to the point.

Firstly, I hope everyone had a good holidays and welcome back to lousy old reality, the main reason for us all to be hiding in pixellated space in the first place.

Now, back to the lack of standings. Blastie has fantastic standings with Amarr and Caldari factions and corps thereof. Which is very nice to have, very nice indeed. Much ISKies to be had and jump clones aplenty – fun for all.

So imagine my dismay upon discovering where my new corp (more on that later) is based.

Minmatar space.

Ah, that.

They don’t like me very much down there, very picky lot they are. Seems I should’ve been more careful in choosing missions the Amarr were so happy to foist on me. The agent seemed really nice, too. Deceptive cow.

Situation is I have to move all my nice shiny ships and stuffs halfway across the galaxy and when I get there a big nasty Minmatar policeman is going to blow it all up.

I don’t know about you but that plan has a couple of bloody big holes in it as far as I’m concerned. Much like my stuff will have if I carry on with it.

It could be, though, that all is not lost. I am led to believe that all those tags I’ve been collecting from all those nasty piwates wot I blowed up can be cashed in for – wait for it – Standings!

I’m going to investigate that possibility further and hopefully can make new best friends with the Minmatar race, who make all of Blasties favourite ships, as a sidenote.

Of course nothing with Eve is that easy and I shall probably find out I can only improve my relationship with those deceptive Amarr people who already love me to bits; as opposed to the Minmatar who would like to blow me to bits – a subtle but fairly deadly distinction.

The recruiter who helped me with my application advised me to do COSMOS missions when I get down there, problem being my pod of doom is quite low on DPS, but is the only vessel that would get me there without the aforementioned bloody big holes problem.

I’m sure there will be a solution forthcoming, Google on standby!

In the meantime I have smoothly avoided the dreaded Drake undocking, my corpmate will not be on this weekend and by the time he is I will be sequestered to Minmatar space, there to learn the art of PVP, at least to the level of not quite God awful, several levels above where I currently dwell.

I sincerely hope this year will see us all happily blowing stuff up and being blowed up, for the greater good of all mankind (including Minmatar, hopefully).

It’s all in the mind, you know.


2 responses to “Standings

  1. Diplomacy! Diplomacy is your best friend! If you have not trained it at all you can get out of those nasty policemen from shooting you by being Diplomatic. Without that skill many a pod pilot would not be able to fly around half of high security space. Hope that helps.


    • I thank you sir, and believe it or not after reading a forum post about standings I discovered I had the diplomacy skill injected – but not trained! My uberness at Eve knows no boundaries! Needless to say I am already at level three with level four due in about eight hours. Standings are now at -3 and with level four and a little mission grinding my shiny stuffs will be safely taken to my new home early next week. Thanks very much for the help o7


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