Funny how Eve imitates life sometimes, isn’t it? I’ve been watching my boss at work, who is taking over from his father, seeing him making all the same mistakes I used to make with my employees when I was younger.

The overconfidence, the brash decisions, the lack of understanding, the overcommitment. Temper tantrums when employees prove to be human and fallible at the same time. I have a vast amount of experience in both running successful and losing unsuccessful businesses. I could teach him a lot, really.

However, I’ve learned to say nothing; earlier in life I would have been offering advice left and right. Life has taught me that we learn best by our mistakes when we are younger and don’t like older men acting like surrogate fathers very much at all. Besides, he is a fast learner and is gradually becoming quite an astute employer. It will be satisfying to see him grow along with his business, hopefully giving me a comfortable living in the meantime.

Exactly the same thing is happening in our corp at the moment. I am in the position of being one of the more experienced pilots in our gang. There are better ones there, but I’m not the new kid on the block any more.

We have been war decced again (sigh). This time however, the war deccers are a very competent bunch indeed. First off they joined up a spy alt, who our brand new CEO recruited without a limited API, a review of his corp history, or even reading his bio! (sigh again). Our new CEO is a great person and a pretty cool pilot and I am confident he will make a great CEO, but this was not a good day for him, the poor sod.

I logged on half an hour after this. I immediately read his bio – “uh oh” time straight up. Then checked his employment history and upgraded “uh oh” to “oh crap” – 2010 pilot, been in lots of corps, not in any one of them for longer than 13 days, including NPC corps and no repeats (joining same corp for a second time).  A brief look see at his evekill record (clean as a whistle after 18 months in game – just one loss) saw “oh crap” shoot into “red lights, alarm bells and jumping up and down waving bits of paper around whilst screaming SPAI!! SPAI!!”.

Our new CEO learned a valuable lesson – read the bio, check the employment history, check the evekill record (nobody plays a main toon in Eve genuinely for 18 months and loses one bloody ship) and then ask for a limited API.

So anyways, no sooner was the war dec in than the spy was booted – taking with him a full list of corp members, a good idea of alts, our favourite systems, etc, etc. … Ah well.

Subsequently I pulled my two ISK earning toons out of corp, as you do when you plex your accounts. It doesn’t matter too much with our corp, we’re just a bunch of mates tooling around and we have a recruit channel (spai’s welcome) and TS3 so the actual corp doesn’t mean bugger all really. A couple of the guys want to try to fight these blokes, which is fair enough too. I personally don’t bother with decent hi sec war deccers. They’re not after PVP, just cheap kills and good luck to them too; if that’s how they play Eve then best of British to them.

So, back to the learning and teaching thing. I was on comms with a few guys and one of our newer members tells me he’s in our favourite mining system.


In his Hulk.

“So you dropped corp too mate?” says I, hoping against hope.

“Nah, I’m just being careful” (The Mining in Our Favourite System in a Hulk on His Own During a War Dec brand of careful) “and I’ve got local up and there’s only one WT on at the moment anyway.”

“You DO read your corp mails, right?” – I was including the corp mail I sent out the night before highlighting the things to do when war decced – which didn’t include mining on your own in a Hulk, funnily enough.

“Yeah, no worries. I’ll be careful mate.”


See what I did there? No railing at the foolishness of youth, no sermons on not listening to older players … just, “OK”.

Then I waited.Didn’t have to wait too long, as it turned out. Couldn’t have been more than half an hour later when I hear:

“Oh #@!***#!!! he’s found me!”

Oh dear.

What followed was a blow by blow account of a Hulk being killed leisurely by a Dramiel. Much surprise expressed at the fact that the Hulks drones couldn’t catch the Dram, etc. etc.

All I could do was advise him to keep spamming the warp button, which he dutifully did (I never said he was a slow learner) and after the inevitable happened, he managed to get his pod docked up. Turns out he was unable to spot our WT entering system because he had the market open at the time and it was obscuring local. /o\

The trouble with me is, I have this terrible trouble with temptation. Which is why my next statement was:

“I’m trying my best not to say I told you so, I really am … ahh bugger it,  I told you so.”

He was quite cool about it all, in fact he was quite cool while being ganked too; as I said – not a slow learner. So I then said:

“Never mind the loss mate – what did you learn?”

“Yeah, these guys are really good, hey? Never undock a good ship in a war dec. Reckon I’ll drop corp so I can mine in peace.”

And so another one turns a corner, without quitting corp, without becoming bitter, most importantly – without leaving game. He is now wiser, (albeit a bit poorer) and no one in corp will buy him a new Hulk, he will earn the ISK and then look after the next one a bit better. There’s a good chance some bastard will buy him a single Miner 1, but that’s to be expected with our mob.

I also didn’t laugh at his loss, so I didn’t lose 8 million ISK myself, which is also a good thing. We have this 8 minute rule, see, but that’s for another post.

My point is this, (yes, I have one, don’t be so bloody rude) as older players get the opportunity to help younger players, resist the temptation to stroke your own ego or elevate yourself at their expense (not too much anyways). Our game needs more players, with the new expansion doing so much to help us, why not do a bit to help CCP by ensuring new guys learn, and don’t burn.

It’s all in the mind, you know.


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