Two posts in two days is unprecedented here at Blastrad Tales, but just this morning (upside down time), I recieved shocking news that will rock the world of Eve Online.

Our CEO had stepped down from his role and appointed himself Assistant Janitor! This meant I had an underling! My mind whirled with the unprecedented power at my disposal, as I contemplated all the lowly jobs I could now pass to him.

Brief was my powerful reign to be though, for he informed me that as I had not logged on to game for over two hours since his shock resignation and re-appointment, he had already resigned his new post due to a succinct lack of leadership in the Janitorial division of our glorious corp.

I was therefore once more on my own in cleaning the home stations toilets and sinks, mopping the walkways of the various captains quarters and tidying the magazines on the couches of my corp mates.

Our new CEO (who is from Canada) has already taken up the reins with gusto. After my Evemail to him saying how I felt the corp would definitely benefit from leadership by someone from North Montana (to which he replied quite rudely & I have no idea why), he immediately set about organising some corp activities. After several hours of deep contemplation he told us assembled to hear him that we were to, “do whatever the hell you want to”.

Now THAT is leadership!

It’s all in the mind, you know.


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