This ships post looks at the ship I always end up taking on a roam.

Funny thing is, I always mean to take something different, honestly I do. I fiddle with fits for Dramiels, consider zipping round in a Cynabal or Vagabond, look at fitting out a Scimitar for logi support, I even have a Huginn I’ve never even flown (although I can). I have recently filled out the skill plan for a Sleipnir, but to no avail. I always end up taking into account my PVP skill level, which hovers somewhere on the scale between laughable and downright suicidal, then I count the cost of one of those shinies all kitted out and my sphincter slams shut harder than a dunny door in a cyclone ( toilet door in a hurricane for our American cousins). The following entry then appears in fleet chat:

Blast Radius1 > x Cane

Yes, the good old Cane. There’s an old saying in our corp – Drakes and Canes are like arseholes … everybody’s got one.

I don’t fly Drakes, too many homophobics in our corp and all the cross dressing jokes and handbag jokes, references to leg waxing, limp wrists and tofu have given me an aversion to flying one. Plus I have the missile skills of a mining alt, while my AC and gunnery skills are in the fives across the board.

So, in rust I trust. Office chairs, staircases and uzi’s all round!

Now, I have the imagination of a council caravan park, so when it comes to fitting my Cane I stick with the stock as a rock nano shield Cane fit. If you’re new to the game and curious, just look it up on Battleclinic, there’s probably hundreds of the same fit on there. Understandable too, because it’s incredibly effective in most PVP situations.

My favourite way to lose one is to jump into the middle of a 20ish man gate camp with heavy ‘dictors and command ships. My record for survival of this type of encounter is 3.5 seconds, give or take a swear word.

However, I have since gained Battlecruiser 5, so I’m thinking the next time it will last up to 4 seconds at least. We’re off down to nullsec soonish (Australian for “when we get off our bums and get organised” – or about this time next year), so I look forward to seeing how fast I die then.

My favourite way to engage with one (without the dying bit) is to be on a gate, drones out and modules active; target jumps in, decloaks – on the opposite side of the gate – (happens EVERY time), double click to lock, engage and approach target, fly into gate, get stuck in said gate, tell my corp mates to piss off when they start laughing and usually get a 3-4% contribution on the killmail.

I have one KM on a Drake which gives me top damage dealer, I think EVERYBODY got stuck in the gate – many smart arse comments of “stop pushing, I was here first,” etc. etc. flowed that day.

An average Nano Cane fit will still cost around 60 mill including mods and rigs, depending on Goon losses of whelp Canes at the time, of course. But that’s not too much for me if I can accidentally get on a killmail or two. I just love the sound of my youngest daughters voice when she puts her arm round me, leans on my shoulder and says gently, “Did you lose another Hurricane Daddy?”

So, if you ever jump into a system and see my name on the overview, just fly directly away from the gate and you’ll be fine.

Next ship on the list is a ship I use for my tanking alt, it’s like me really; fat, ugly and incredibly slow.

It’s all in the mind, you know.



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