I have read recently that many feel the only way for a corp to truly succeed in Eve is to have good direction, guidance and focus.

Something came up in corp today in regard to this. Our CEO has recently been given a set of rules from a corp run by an old corpmate of ours. He suggested perhaps our corp needed some rules too. Much discussion ensued on this subject, long after he had logged off for the night. As the designated corp janitor, I felt it my duty to compile these thoughts into a corp mail for all to consider. I felt it engendered the spirit of our corp so effectively that it was worth sharing.

Some things need perhaps to be clarified to help you understand it all a bit better. Our CEO is from New Zealand. The corp name is The Vegemite Warriors. We perhaps don’t take the game very seriously.

Here’s the mail:

After much intelligent thought and discussion some of us members have come up with a draft proposal for some corp rules like wot *******’s corp has got but we’re not allowed to see ‘cos we’d take the piss out of them.
Rule 1. No rules allowed
Rule 2. No one talks about Vegemite
Rule 3. See rule 1, ‘cos you obviously weren’t listening
Rule 4. Ooh look! Shiny thing!
Rule 6. I wonder what’s for dinner?
Rule 7. What was this about again?
Rule 8. Just do wot you bloody like then, ‘cos I don’t give a stuff.
Rule 9. No sheep jokes. (Unless ((our CEO))’s on)
Rule 10. Don’t mention fush and chups.
I’d like to thank everyone who took part in this drafting of proposed rules, with these in place our corp can have some real structure and direction.
I’m very proud to tell people that I clean your toilets,

I think it really shows the corps true character to see such incisive and in depth wisdom. It also shows we can’t count, because there’s no rule 5.

It’s all in the mind, you know.


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