Let’s get something established straight up. I’m not dead. Least I’m pretty sure, hang on … nope, definitely not dead. That should stop those nasty rumours circulating anyway.

Now, where have I been? Let’s see … sick, work, tired, stressed, more sick, more tired, exhausted, worn out, knackered. like most Australians, I have reached the conclusion that work is a bad idea. Dunno who invented the damn thing, but mister, whoever you were; BAD IDEA.

Now, on to Eve related material before I get distracted whining about work (which, as mentioned before, is a bad idea – already noted, but worth repeating).

I have to ask; is it true? Is it really, really, honest to goodness with cherries on top cross your heart and hope to die true? They are going to nerf supers? Is it possible that CCP has realised that salesman and accountants make God awful management personnel? Are we seeing some (I almost can’t believe I’m saying this) SENSE?!!!

Could old Blastie move back to null sec with his lunatic corpies and NOT have to learn Russian? Could me and my mates return to null and (brace yourselves) – HAVE FUN?!!!!

So have they come to realise that letting Ivan turn null into another nuclear powered tractor factory is not a good idea? (same as work is not a good idea, think I mentioned that before, but repetition for emphasis and all that rot)

I have not been this excited since I first joined Eve and undocked. I had truly come to the conclusion that my favourite MMO was dying; the tests had come back and the results were not looking good, the family was gathering round, the candles were lit and the mood was sombre.

Then our favourite ginger kid released an incredible piece of humility and promised to “do something”. At this point most bittervets were mumbling things about boys and wolves and I was admittedly skeptical myself.

However further devblogs have given firm details that will be impossible to back down from, without biomassing CCP that is.

So, I’m not packing yet. But with battlecruiser 5 under his belt, I reckon Blastie might get a ‘Cane to last four and a half seconds (up from three) in his next encounter with a 21 man gate camp.

Unless CCP doesn’t deliver. Again. Which would be a really BAD IDEA. Like work is a bad idea. Although I think I mentioned that before … that work is a bad idea … well, … it is …

It’s all in the mind, you know.


One response to “Absentia

  1. I am so with you on this one, I am looking forward to getting back into some fun fights again myself. Supercaps were such a bad idea, can’t dock them, makes the game no fun if you have one. I am so glad to be rid of my Aeon and am looking to do sub-cap stuff again



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