So I received a prod to the lower conscience when Seismic Stan commented so nicely on my blog banter contribution.

It made me think, what have I done to help and encourage other bloggers?

 The answer was as pleasant as my work trip to Melbourne yesterday; said trip involving a twenty hour day including flights (the home one of which was delayed an hour and was as bumpy as an outback track after wet season), two hail storms, driving the work van through massacred traffic and two taxi rides through traffic jams caused by prangs caused by the storms the cost of which is very likely to give my boss a heart attack.

So what HAD I done to  help and encourage other bloggers? – bugger all.

So I spent all morning filling up my blogroll with links to all my favourite blogs, those which have posted in the last couple of months with the exception of The Rifter Drifter blog, said blog not loading – DDOS maybe? That will be fixed ASAP apologies to Wensley, but I doubt he reads this drivel anyway.

However some do, hopefully those who used to follow me will find me here after the sudden demise of Podlogs and welcome to any newcomers. Statistics indicate 14 reads of the banter so far, so unless Mum read it 14 times, someone out there likes me!

I would encourage all who read this to please give as much encouragement as you can to any eve blogs you read, they are the result of hard work and dedication. Just add a comment to motivate those bloggers to keep it up; don’t be insincere, of course, but if you enjoyed a post, say so.

I am making it a personal goal to give a quick thanks to any and all good posts I read, some of these folks have been entertaining me for free for two years!

Fly mad and more drivel shortly

It’s all in the mind, you know.


3 responses to “Ashamed

  1. Just keying in to say that you can always encourage other blighted via in game channels. I am sure nothing breaks up the occasional monotony like hearing in game from someone who actually reads your blog.


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