The world is full of it.

No, no, I’m not referring to the level of honesty in the world, although now you mention it …

Ahem, no, I meant the world is full of greed. Unfortunately, that greed is infecting a certain company in charge of our internet spaceshipping as well. You know the one, up there in Re … Iceland. I say this, not because I want to get on the bandwagon of bloggers decrying their latest nerf, patch, or patch to fix the patch that patched the fix … or because I want to moan about bots or whatever, but because I got stitched up by them yesterday. Yes, me! Those bloody Vikings ripped me off!!

Now, I know they have a history of killing all the men and raping all the women, and I acknowledge that everyone needs a hobby; but taking my MONEY!??!!!

I’m sure it’s the lack of trees … or sun …. or water that doesn’t smell of farts.

Whatever the cause, they scammed me, the buggers.

Now, I have three accounts – Blastie – my main account, my second account – a mining toon I bought and a scanning/salvaging/cloaky/odd job bloke, plus a newer account I started for PVP. My new account was created for me to try the new player experience and build a dedicated T1/T2 frigate PVP’er at the same time.

Interestingly, this new account has a feature that my two other accounts don’t. When the account gets to 10 days away from expiry, I get a nice yellow text warning on my log in screen telling me how many days away from expiry my account is. This is good, especially for a brain-dead bloke like me who didn’t come with a life time warranty on the memory card. I also get an email when I’m 7 days away, even better!

So I have plenty of time to crack the whip on Blastie and make sure the Mach has got the engines running; ensuring he’s not standing around staring at a door or something, but out there teaching those NPC’s a thing or three and raking in all that ISKy goodness to buy a plex or two with.

However. My 2 other accounts get nothing. Nada, zip, stuff all. No warning whatsoever.

Oh, I got an email alright. Thanking me for my 6 month account renewal  on Blasties account which has been taken off my credit card.

Yes, 6 bloody months!!  – That’s enough money to get the leader of the opposition sounding like a nine inch grinder firing up when she reads the statement.

OK, so I think I know why the difference. The new account was created with a 14 day trial and a plex activation gifted from Blastie (jeez he’s a good bloke!). This, of course, means that our treeless friends don’t have any credit card details for the third account and are very anxious that I don’t miss buying a plex to keep the old cash flow happening (somebody paid for the plex remember).

But the accounts to which they have credit card details, well, why bother the nice gentleman? We wouldn’t want to disturb his door contemplation.

Now these are the people who have ads up every time you log in, you know the ones; they only appear once … every flaming day! These ads are big and glossy and full of shiny buy me things. But they can’t spare the two lines of yellow text to remind everyone their account is due soon?


I read somewhere in a blog just recently that CCP should drop the American PR style and just tell the truth. Well, American or not (I don’t like picking on third world countries), I agree; that style of PR is insulting to older people such as my good self. Eve players are intelligent enough to see through such slippery sales speak and see that these guys are on the take, and it’s wearing a bit thin.

So there ya go, I’ve had my whinge, they’ve got their money and everybody’s happy.

Now, I wonder what the new ad will be when I log in, hope monocles are on special …

It’s all in the mind, you know.


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