Readers of Dickens will have no doubt recognised the title already. The novel “Little Dorrit” brought to the worlds delighted attention the existence of The Circumlocution Office, the most important office in the British civil service. The offices greatest claim to fame, and its stated intention, was to give minute attention to every detail of a proposed action to establish “How Not To Do It”.

committees, reports, feasibility studies and all manner of procedural paraphernalia have long been the tradition of large administrative establishments the world over. It is clear that even back in the days of Charles Dickens, there were many who thought the entire edifice to be a wonderful farce. Such lauded comedy shows as Monty Pythons Flying Circus, right down to the incisive Yes Minister / Yes Prime Minister series virtually lived on the ridiculous procedural comedy of the civil service.

 Two things stand out about bureaucracy. One, it’s hideously expensive. Two, by and large, it doesn’t actually achieve very much. Does that sound familiar to the Eve community? Anyone else think there’s a lot of time and money being spent to achieve bugger all? Hmmmmm …

I would like to suggest some espionage. Some adventurous person needs to infiltrate the CCP offices in Rekeya … Rakeeoh … Rakeee …. bugger it, that place with no trees; thereupon to locate the office door with a sign on it that says “Circumlocution Office”. Now it’ll be written in Icelandic so it’ll have more vowels in it and possibly quite a few pairs of dots here and there, I suggest Google translate on your iphone or something. Obtain the exact GPS co-ordinates and pass them on to me.

I, in turn, shall pass them on to The Proff; who will be delighted to know the exact location of the people who don’t allow carriers in high sec, won’t let him speed tank a freighter and threatened to ban him when he smart bombed the Amaar undock (at least that’s what I’ll tell him).

From there we’ll just let nature take its course.

That is unless someone else beats us to it.

It’s all in the mind, you know.


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